1.Select a project


1 can send voice, text messages, facial expressions, pictures, video. 30M traffic can send and receive thousands of voice, save traffic.
2 circle of friends, and friends to share life.
3 shake a shake, see the people around, the world no longer have a stranger.
The 4 sweep can sweep the barcode for commodity, book cover, CD cover, even English words translated into Chinese scanning.
5 public accounts, with micro channel attention star, watching the news, set a reminder...
6 game center, and friends play games.
7 look at the shop, funny funny look here.
Special note: micro channel only consumes the network traffic, do not produce SMS phone charges.


Loading page
1.loading page or pages for introduction;
Register/log in
1.select country or region, link to a list (display from A~Z) to choose;
2.show phone area code, input phone number then submit;
3.confirm phone number and send SMS verification code, fill in the code to register (if did not get SMS, a link to reacquire another one);
4.log in, input ID/phone number/email and password to log in;
5.forget password, log in by phone SMS verification code or reset password through email;
1.recent chats list, display by chat time (with photo,name,the last message,time/date), link to each chat room;
2.chat room, friend's name show middle top of screen, top right there is a button link to view chat setting details, touch photo link to view friend's profile details;
3.chat room, touch input box to fill in text message;
4.chat room, sticker button link to select and send sticker (can add/download and manage sticker groups);
5.chat room, voice button link to send voice message (hold to talk);
6.chat room, voice message (read and unread status are different);
7.chat room, send pictures,video,document from camera and mobile;
8.chat room, free call (voice and video call) real time chat, video can switch to voice;
9.chat room, can share location, send location (map to show nearby location address, also can input and search any location, choose one to send) and Real-time location (show locations of user and friends on map, live update);
10.chat room, send lucky money, input money amount and text greetings (in group chat room, user can send several, quantity of money randomly assigned), button link to introduce related rules;
11.chat room, transfer, input money amount and text note, button link to introduce related rules;
12.chat room, share name card, link to contact list, choose one share to friend or group, name card message show photo,name and ID;
13.chat room, voice input, voice convert into text message;
14.chat room, translation, text message can select to translate into other language;
15.chat room, message which has been sent (text,voice,picture,document)can recall in 2 minutes;
1.search bar, search any content in app;
2.contact list, display by name from A~z (with photo,name), link to friend's profile page, "message" and "free call" button link to chat room;
3.recommended friends, link to view, accept or ignore request;
4.search bar, filling in friend's ID/phone number to search;
5.system recommend friends which are using this app from mobile contacts, link to view list then select to add;
6.group chats, link to view group list, then link to chat room;
7.tags, search and manage contacts by using tags (select contacts from contacts list);
8.official account, link to view list;
1.share status to friends with texts, photos (less than 9 piece) or sight (a short video in several seconds);
2.display friends' status, show with friends' photo, name, time and date,others can like these status and review (display below it);
3.review of status, only can read reviews which contacts posted;
4.cover of moment homepage can be edit (select from system or mobile photo gallery);
5.homepage of user, display all status posted by self (with time, date and overview), can link to view details (include likes and review);
6.status can be set as private, send to chat ,favorite, and save image;
7.links of other platform also can be share in moment;
Me (account)
1.account profile (photo, name, ID, QR code, gender, region, what's up, etc.);
2.link of status posts, link to moment homepage;
3.favorites, link to view collected content (texts, pictures,documents,URL and so on),search function;
4.wallet link, card pack link, sticker gallery link, setting link;
1.quick pay, enter payment password to verify, automatic generate QR code and Barcode for scanning (code auto update every minute), can select and change payment mode (balance/bank cards);
2.balance, show amount, top up and withdraw from bank cards, transaction records;
3.cards, show bank cards already bind, add new card (input card number and personal information to bind card);
4.transfer, link to contacts list select a friend, input amount, note and password to transfer(same as function 20);
5.credit card repay;
6.utilities, water, electricity, gas, broadband, telephone fee;
7.public service;
8.lucky money, random/identical amount, history list;
9.go dutch;
Sticker gallery
1.add and download stickers to send, also can manage them;
1.account, ID/phone/email/voiceprint/password/account protection/security center;
2.notifications, turn on/off;
3.privacy, friend confirmation/ways of "find me"/blocked/moments (hide and share);
4.general, language/text size/background/stickers/speaker/features/chat log migration/manage storage;
5.help and feedback;
Official account
1.official account list (display from A~Z) with photo and name; link to each account main page;
2.main page, similar to chat room, input form and navigation bar (can link to other pages) can switch back and forth;
3.official account profile details, can enter, edit notice, view history, share name card, report, unfollow;
4.article news (overview with title, image), link to read content;
5.article content, texts, image, music, video, links, etc. (share function);