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Iphone App for Dictionary
Product Id:#160 This product is provided by ISV Self No. 5

1.Choose installment plan,you can own the product permanently,you have the property right(Non-intellectual property).

2.Choose installment plan,you can enjoy 1 year free hosting.

3.Choose renting plan,you only have the right to use,don't have the property right(Non-intellectual property).

4.Choose renting plan,you need to purchase your own hosting.

5.All the prices do not include the hosting price.

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iPhone App type:
1. iPhone web app ( the App is Enter the website address app ) 
    ①. Corporate web app 
    ②. E-commerce web app 
     iPhone web app is not entering the Iphone App Store'app 

2. App store 
    ①. Corporate app 
    ②. E-commerce app 
     This App is sale in iPhone app store

iPhone development type:
1. Outsourcing Development 
     Outsourcing Development,Customers have the ownership of the project, and paid ECCIC all research and 
     development costs of the projects. 

2. Cooperation development 
     Cooperation development, Shared research and development costs of the project by the the customers and ECCIC 
     of the project, and ECCIC will arrange the best team to develop the project; 
     The cooperative development investment ratio of 7:3, customers accounted for 7 percent, ECCIC accounted for 3 percent 
     Cooperative development projects, profit-sharing ratio of 7:3, customers accounted for 7 percent, ECCIC accounted for 3 
     percent . 

     note:in the four phases of the project development, you can choose either of the phases to cooperate, of course, you also
     can select multiple project phases.

iPhone Development Process

Phone application development is being more and more attention, as the mobile software store in the on-line, developers can also be developed iPhone software . Software development experts and laymen who have brought us through the iPhone to unprecedented surprise and innovation. 
According to our past experience, the procedure takes the following steps:


P1: Rendering design (PS) 

① Flash scenario simulation on Iphone ( Game iPhone App )
②Static pages on iPhone__( Web iPhone app and E-commerce iPhone app ) 

P3: Programming on Iphone 

P4:Online test 

How we works

You can see how we works by the images below.

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