Black list project
1.Following requirements violation of the laws of People's Republic of China, law of client's country , international law and regulations prohibit the release:
A, Software crack, program crack requirements;
B, Game plug-in, program plug-in requirements;
C, Steal online banking account, game account requirements;
D, Infringement of intellectual property rights of third parties requirements;
E, Infringement of the rights of the third party requirements;
F, Trojan, hacker programs and harm to network security requirements;
G, jurisprudence, gambling and multi-level marketing other requirements;
H, Spread network rumors requirements;
I, Other violations of laws, regulations, administrative rules and other relevant provisions requirements;
2, Following requirements may be involved in the transaction or bring harm to the third party to prohibit the release:
A, Thesis writing requirements;
B, Verify the registration of mobile phones requirements;
C, Verify the bank account or pay to participate in requirements;
D, Recruit part-time in the name of a deceptive requirements;
E, May be taking participant ID, email, mobile phone number, bank account and other personal or institutional privacy information requirements;
F, Manipulation of credit, account trading and other requirements (except allowing game account trading );
G, Employers publish false information requirements;
H, May cause damage to others or other organizations requirements;
J, Other contrary to social ethics or social mainstream values requirements;
Note: if we find above items project we will terminate the service, and will not  refund.