iShop Lease Terms of Service

1. Product qualification

A)  All of the upload products on iSoftValley ware been strictly tested through all aspects of the test department, Thant can be meet the various types of enterprise customers customer service from different aspects ;

B) ishop products do not provide secondary development and external interface structures;

C) Leasing ishop all products are limited to isoftvalley server support, your domain name ported to the server for an additional fee;

D) lease ishop customers enjoy ishop background control, operation documents, server support;

E) ishop language is limited to existed products.

2. Product maintenance

A) The ishop product is available for the following free services on leasing:

  iSoftValley platform for free upload and edit 100 products, free design of a banner;

If more than 100 products, Please refer to PRODUCT EDIT, graphic design refer to GRAPHIC DESIGN.

3. technical support

A) All rental users can enjoy the platform upgrade products and preferential services, free data backup, free data migration;

B) If the existing features can not meet the needs of your market day and night growth, the take following measures:

 (1) Put forward customize service, independent operation of your own brand, so you enjoy the ownership of products, refer to CUSTOMIZE;

 (2) Working with the iSoftValley platform, let iSoftValley Platform to be your closest technical partner for the entire market, to solve all your technology to worry about.

4. the contract entered into force

A) When you fully confirm and acceptance of the lease what you want to ishop, and isoftvalley platform receives your payment credentials, the contract is effective online.