About servicepay

ServicePay is a payment tool,it was built by ECCIC in 2009,its mainly to pay the software products and online services,it can avoid the highest  payment transaction fee,if you recharge online in ServicePay automatically,there will be no payment transaction fee,eg:you recharge $1000 in System,your balance is $1000.


1.What is ServicePay domain name?



2.What is the advantage of ServicePay?

Currently,all the software products and services only support the payment of ServicePay,if you can recharge online,you can avoid the payment transaction fee,and you can enjoy 2% off after you pay by ServicePay


3.How to become an member of ServicePay?

(1.)If you have registered an account at iSoftvalley.com,then the system have created a same account in ServicePay,you can change the password is ServicePay.

(2.)You can register a new account in ServicePay,Register right now,enter your information and submit


4.What can I do in ServicePay?

You can withdraw,transfer money,request money,complete payment,pay others order,manage your projects in ServicePay system,only for the veried account.


5.How to verify a ServicePay account?

(1.)Add your bank card.

Enter your bank card number .

Submit,and waiting result

(2.)ServicePay team will transfer 2 very small deposit to this bank card after we have checked this card,you can check these 2 deposits in the bank,then enter the 2 deposits to verify.



In the verify page,please enter the 2 deposits

(3).Verified successfully