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isoftvalley have been focus on international software develop and service for decade of years.Our platform have gathered thousands of clients and technicist from all over the world.With the help of our unique software evaluation system,can be the best one understand your demand and save your time and money,we offer standard evaluation process and quoted price,you can control your budget according to your actual need.

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Advantages of PM

1. The project task execution process - strict norms
Each stage of the project need through customer check , customer satisfaction through the project will enter into the next stage

2. The project execution schedule - at a glance
Customer can clearly see the project to which stage, each stage and need after customer audit and payment can enter into the next stage.The be clear at a glance at the same time also avoided the huge one-time investment project.

3. Project resources budget -Accurate calculation
Customer submit project requirements we will serious evaluation, choose a the most moderate from multiple evaluation assessment.And can increase or decrease in demand, evaluation time will increase or decrease at the same time, the customer can clearly see the price of the project evaluation.

4. Data Management - easy and safe
Our source file management
①. Our PM system modification is recorded for each project, and put all of the files stored in the PM system .
②. Customers can easier to download the version of the file, and we all have been uploaded to the PM files are reviewed, to ensure the integrity and security.

5.About open source projects and secondary development projects
1. If your project belongs to the open source projects or secondary development project, after we complete the project, we will not take full responsibility for the safety of your project
2. When you submit project , you need to provide us with: hosting account, password
3. Open source projects and secondary development project has the following disadvantages ①. no free technical support
The most obvious disadvantage is that open source developers will develop according to their own wishes, rather than consumer demand for the product, resulting in a user if you do not know how to use these products, had to spend extra time or expense for technical assistance.
②. security is low
If your company is using open source content management system (CMS) transmitted or stored sensitive customer data, security is a factor to be considered. However, open source products are not so safe, many companies will not use them for mission critical operations such as financial and medical records.
③. high maintenance costs
Because open source software is freely available on the Internet, so the birth of suggestions from users of the bug fixes and patches. This may result in a large number of patches, so that the source code is more complicated and lead to structural problems. In addition, any problems will lead to high maintenance costs.

Customer find freelancer hacked
This event is for our customers real events:
Customers find our company to customize a business website, around $ 1000, customers feel our assessment Too expensive. Then find a cheap freelancer to do this project, need $ 600, saying that is the total price.
Six months later, freelancer hacked the cusomer's website. delete the files in customer's hosting, then freelancer mail to the customer, want customer give him $1200.
The following is the conversation record:
[下午 03:51:12] Jackson Xu: hello
[下午 03:51:14] Jackson Xu: Saidul
[下午 03:51:16] Jackson Xu: how are you?
[下午 03:51:29] Jackson Xu: long time no see, if your everything goes well?
[下午 03:51:33] saidul hoque: Fine.
[下午 03:51:34] saidul hoque: Bro
[下午 03:51:36] saidul hoque: N u?
[下午 03:51:43] saidul hoque: Nt well
[下午 03:51:45] saidul hoque: Dear
[下午 03:51:49] saidul hoque: I lost my domain
[下午 03:51:54] saidul hoque: Someone hacked it
[下午 03:52:02] Jackson Xu: ho~that is very bad
[下午 03:52:07] saidul hoque: Bt hosting was trying
[下午 03:52:12] saidul hoque: To get back
[下午 03:52:17] saidul hoque: Their failed
[下午 03:52:19] Jackson Xu: that comapany can help you pick it back ?
[下午 03:52:32] saidul hoque: They were tired
[下午 03:52:42] saidul hoque: Do u have hacker?
[下午 03:52:50] saidul hoque: I want to get back it
[下午 03:52:56] saidul hoque: I will give u money
[下午 03:52:56] Jackson Xu: we have no hacker
[下午 03:53:09] Jackson Xu: but we can do a new site which is much safe for you
[下午 03:53:28] Jackson Xu: at present our price already reduce much
[下午 03:54:01] Jackson Xu: since this month is December, you can do in a cheap price
[下午 03:54:21] Jackson Xu: if your site did by PHP ?
[下午 03:54:31] Jackson Xu: this is programming language
[下午 03:55:00] saidul hoque: It was my business domain
[下午 03:55:04] saidul hoque: So I cannt make new
[下午 03:55:13] saidul hoque: If I make new I need to change
[下午 03:55:15] Jackson Xu: can you send me your domain name?
[下午 03:55:17] saidul hoque: So many things
[下午 03:55:22] saidul hoque: Tht is nt possible
[下午 03:55:31] saidul hoque: shoppersmaza.com
[下午 03:55:34] saidul hoque: It is hacked
[下午 03:56:56] Jackson Xu: http://whois.www.net.cn/whois/domain/shoppersmaza.com?spm=5334.652006.4.1.938a7
[下午 03:57:08] saidul hoque: I have checked it
[下午 03:57:10] saidul hoque: Already
[下午 03:57:21] saidul hoque: They want 1200 usd from me
[下午 03:57:27] saidul hoque: If I pay this amount
[下午 03:57:34] saidul hoque: They will give me the domain
[下午 03:58:52] Jackson Xu: (devil) who ?
[下午 03:58:56] Jackson Xu: that is very bad
[下午 03:59:24] Jackson Xu: if you paid this time, they will request next time
[下午 03:59:47] Jackson Xu: never give up any chance to ask money from you  if you paid to them from the beginning
[下午 04:00:02] Jackson Xu: where the hacker from ?
[下午 04:00:06] saidul hoque: Yap right say
[下午 04:00:16] saidul hoque: It is my developer
[下午 04:00:19] saidul hoque: They did that
[下午 04:00:25] saidul hoque: I have paid them
[下午 04:00:35] saidul hoque: Bt they didn't worked correctly
[下午 04:02:44] Jackson Xu: (whew)
[下午 04:02:57] Jackson Xu: such a developer you worked with ?
[下午 04:02:59] saidul hoque: I havet
[下午 04:03:00] saidul hoque: Have told them
[下午 04:03:05] saidul hoque: To return
[下午 04:03:08] saidul hoque: My money
[下午 04:03:16] saidul hoque: After tht they hacked
[下午 04:03:19] saidul hoque: My domain
[下午 04:03:33] saidul hoque: Bt now working with new developer
[下午 04:03:35] Jackson Xu: if your developer hacked your site?
[下午 04:03:38] saidul hoque: Website is finised
[下午 04:03:40] saidul hoque: Bt need domain
[下午 04:03:48] saidul hoque: Previous developer
[下午 04:03:51] saidul hoque: Did that
[下午 04:04:10] Jackson Xu: you paid over than 2000 usd for your site finally?
[下午 04:04:31] saidul hoque: Yes
[下午 04:04:35] saidul hoque: Nt over
[下午 04:04:39] saidul hoque: Only 600 usd
[下午 04:05:03] Jackson Xu: so for your new site you paid how much now?
[下午 04:06:33] saidul hoque: No
[下午 04:06:47] saidul hoque: I didn't paid
[下午 04:07:00] saidul hoque: Just he completed unfinish work
[下午 04:07:02] saidul hoque: Thts it
[下午 04:07:07] Jackson Xu: but you said new site already finished
[下午 04:07:10] saidul hoque: Bcz site is already
[下午 04:07:13] saidul hoque: Finished
[下午 04:08:29] Jackson Xu: if you buy your domain name yourself, not from previous developer?
[下午 04:09:36] Jackson Xu: shoppersmaza.com
[下午 04:09:41] Jackson Xu: I mean this one
[下午 04:09:50] Jackson Xu: if you update your password already?
[下午 04:09:51] saidul hoque: I have bought myself
[下午 04:10:00] saidul hoque: N gave them the domain to work
[下午 04:10:02] Jackson Xu: I think he can not attack your domain nae
[下午 04:10:03] Jackson Xu: name
[下午 04:10:07] saidul hoque: He is
[下午 04:10:10] saidul hoque: Attacked
[下午 04:10:13] saidul hoque: My site
[下午 04:10:14] Jackson Xu: just he remove the web source file from your hosting
[下午 04:10:20] Jackson Xu: do you have hosting?
[下午 04:10:26] saidul hoque: Bcz they threatened me
[下午 04:10:31] saidul hoque: I have hosting
[下午 04:11:28] Jackson Xu: I think you need change your hosting company to one more safer one
[下午 04:11:37] Jackson Xu: no need change domain name
[下午 04:11:48] Jackson Xu: but need update domain password
[下午 04:12:11] saidul hoque: No they already
[下午 04:12:19] saidul hoque: Transfered
[下午 04:12:20] Jackson Xu: what is more, if your site still in "PHP" that is also very easy be attacked
[下午 04:12:23] saidul hoque: My domain into
[下午 04:12:26] saidul hoque: Other company
[下午 04:16:25] Jackson Xu: ok
[下午 04:16:38] Jackson Xu: hope you this time can smoothly work for your new site
[下午 04:17:02] Jackson Xu: what is your hacker company link?
[下午 04:17:54] saidul hoque: Go to.who is
[下午 04:17:59] saidul hoque: U can see
[下午 04:18:13] saidul hoque: They has transferred domain into their own company
[下午 04:18:35] Jackson Xu: they did not say that site is " buy out " price
[下午 04:18:44] Jackson Xu: but need pay every year 600 usd?
[下午 04:19:28] saidul hoque: Thy has sent me.email dear
[下午 04:19:31] saidul hoque: No
[下午 04:19:38] saidul hoque: Just for one time
[下午 04:20:23] Jackson Xu: but for the 1200$ the request money reason is ?
[下午 04:20:44] saidul hoque: They will
[下午 04:20:49] saidul hoque: Back.my domain
[下午 04:20:52] saidul hoque: Domain cost
[下午 04:21:14] Jackson Xu: the mean is , they request domain cost?
[下午 04:21:24] Jackson Xu: what a joke
[下午 04:21:32] Jackson Xu: you paid domain name to another company not their
[下午 04:21:42] Jackson Xu: they have no right to request you that
[下午 04:22:23] saidul hoque: Bcz thy r.hacker
[下午 04:22:23] Jackson Xu: rob your money directly
[下午 04:22:29] saidul hoque: Yes
[下午 04:22:40] saidul hoque: I will fine a case on them
[下午 04:22:44] Jackson Xu: you know they are hacker before work with them ?
[下午 04:27:09] saidul hoque: No dear
[下午 04:27:13] saidul hoque: They r cheater
[下午 04:27:18] Jackson Xu: http://www.goto.com/
[下午 04:27:22] saidul hoque: 1st they signed contract
[下午 04:27:23] Jackson Xu: you mean this company?
[下午 04:27:47] saidul hoque: Thn thy will attack the site
[下午 04:27:53] saidul hoque: Which site
[下午 04:27:55] saidul hoque: ?
[下午 04:27:59] Jackson Xu: [下午 04:27] Jackson Xu: 
<<< http://www.goto.com/
[下午 04:28:02] Jackson Xu: this is hacker site?
[下午 04:28:55] saidul hoque: No
[下午 04:29:00] saidul hoque: They r individual
[下午 04:29:18] Jackson Xu: so no official site?
[下午 04:29:40] Jackson Xu: as this one:  http://isoftvalley.com/
[下午 04:29:43] Jackson Xu: is our official site
[下午 04:31:07] saidul hoque: I knw
[下午 04:31:33] Jackson Xu: if time can back, I hope we cooperated already
[下午 04:31:42] Jackson Xu: you got a leason to find freelancer
[下午 04:33:06] saidul hoque: They r cheater
[下午 04:33:07] saidul hoque: Brother
[下午 04:34:01] Jackson Xu: I know now.
[下午 04:34:28] Jackson Xu: however you just lost 600 usd
[下午 04:34:33] Jackson Xu: pls do not pay them
[下午 04:34:39] Jackson Xu: for that 1200 usd
[下午 04:34:41] saidul hoque: Bt I will
[下午 04:34:44] saidul hoque: Kill them
[下午 04:34:46] saidul hoque: I knw them
[下午 04:34:52] saidul hoque: They live in our city
[下午 04:37:01] Jackson Xu: yes, kill them
[下午 04:37:12] Jackson Xu: bomb them
[下午 04:37:29] saidul hoque: Haha
[下午 04:37:32] saidul hoque: :D
[下午 04:38:12] Jackson Xu: take care of yourself
[下午 04:38:22] Jackson Xu: however you can earn back that 600 usd
[下午 04:38:47] saidul hoque: Yes
[下午 04:39:18] Jackson Xu: but they like a begger, can not earn money in a normal way. that is their sadness
[下午 04:39:45] saidul hoque: Yes
[下午 04:39:49] saidul hoque: Cheater
[下午 04:39:49] saidul hoque: He is a.medical student
[下午 04:40:56] Jackson Xu: one day you will find his body in a river cs such bad guy will be killed also buy others people who cheated by him, he will not alive long time
[下午 04:41:45] Jackson Xu: it is not worth for you because such guy put your self into prison
[下午 04:42:23] saidul hoque: Yap

6.We create original 4 P R&D model, just as we are always by your side, please refer to FAQ.