Why choose self-service

As a professional online software development and service platform, we provide standard 4P software development management for customers, customer can also choose self-service to communicate with  our expert  at any time .

Besides manual service,why we also offer self-service?

1.Our self-service is online in 24 hours, in holidays can also operate normally. Customers can seek for help through self-service at any time.

2. We provide professional and efficient software development management system including 4P, IPJ, project submit, workorder, project assessment and quotation, requirement change, software acceptance and so on. Customers can enjoy the convenience only through self-service.

 3. Confirm requirements is the most critical and most difficult work in software development , which is also only customers can know it clear. Customers can submit requirements  with text, pictures, sketches, video and other forms through self-service, facilitate our technical experts to understand customer requirements more clear and accurate , and offer accurate quotation. Confirm requirements before quotation can only through user's self-service operation to be achieved.

4.After quotation, customer needs accept quotation, customer can increase or remove requirement according to their actual needs, flexibly control their budget. After accept quotation, system will generate contracts and invoices for customers, customers can login to download. After confirmation of requirement, technical team will develop customer project according to customer requirement. Because on internet we can not verify the identity of the user, accept quotation have legal authority can be confirmed only through customer's self-service operation .

5. After the project submitted or the project have enter the R&D phase,customer can communicate with our technical team timely through  workorder system, with self-service operation communication will be  more efficient.

6.In project acceptance phase, customers can accept the project by comparing requirements and software work one by one,  and evaluation for the performance of software R & D team .Acceptance of project  have legal authority also need customer's actively participate through self-service.

7.After the project completed, customer can also submit requirements change through self-service operation which can help you more clear and accurate express your requirements.