About refund service

Each product has its own trading principles and service responsibilities, please communicate seriously with related enginer or designer or take a few minutes to see the relevant products service rule to avoid problems before start your orders, after that, It will be viewed as accept our trading principles.

About refund, as the following statements:

1. The existed Product service

1.1 Service stype

iSoftvalley platform provide existed products including Free Trail, CRM, iShop series, The release company website and other salable software product, those product can be provide refund.

Please consult platform before you purchase ohter product.

2. Customization product

Becouse of isoftvalley platform belong to virtural service, so there is no provide a refund service for the customization product

2.1 Design work service

Inlcuding Banner design、 Logo design、trademark design、VI、album design,the website interface design and website beauty etc.

2.2 Customization project

The project that need to customize including b2b, b2b2c and b2c website, App and CRM etc big project.

Other service refer for the relevant product service.