About refund question

Each product has its own trading principles and service responsibilities, please communicate seriously with related enginer or designer or take a few minutes to see the relevant products service rule to avoid problems before start your orders, after that, It will be viewed as accept our trading principles.  .

 About refund, as the following statements:

Please contact a designer to negotiate your want to do, to reach a consensus principle, generally, the platform does not support refund services, the reasons are as follows:

1 Designers have spent a lot of time on the design of the work, labor value has been paid;

2 Customer is acquiesced isv platform trading rule after make an order or customer has reached the same service rule, there is no refund.

3 If customer not satisfied with the designer after star work, customer has  less than three times change for others.

Platform to fully respect the labor value of suppliers, If the communication does not solve the problem, the customer force to required a refund, we ask the customer to collect sufficient evidence and an objective reasons post to isoftValley platform to initiate the dispute, let platform to make the final decision, if the designer is no significant fault, will no refund.

Secondly, Our product belong to the virtual product, It is totally different physical products that can be return to re-use or make the cecond sale, virture product process cost and manpower requirements are different, generally, that do not support the refund, If customers want to get maximum protection, Just need to make well communicate  and negotiate with the designer  make an acceptable principle get each side agree, Actually many of the rules only for the habitual behavior to get small profit or squeeze  businesses, service customer well is every businesses' duty, but it not out of principle.