View Quotation and Billing
1. How to view and get your quotation?
 (1.) Login to your ISV account.
 (2.) Click on my project, then select the item you want to view.
 (3.) Click details to view the details of quote information and time information.
2. How to view and confirm your quotation?
(1.) Login to your ISV account.
    Select the order you want to view and then select View 'Order details'.
 (2.) Enter the order details page, you will see multiple quotes assessed by different technical teams which based on design, programming, debugging. A complete project including four stages: P1, P2, P3, P4. Click "accept the offer" or "reject offer" to confirm the quote.
 (3.) After you confirm your the offer, please click on the "Invoice" and " Contact " to download the standard ones.
 (4.) Click on "Details " to o view the list of requirements of specific function and the time of the project expected to complete. Click on "Contact suppliers "can communicate with suppliers of specific questions.
 (4.) If you are not satisfied with the requirements, you can click "I still want to adjust it",modify your requirement then submit it.
 (5.) Click to add,remove or add attachment,submit your modified requirements.Our system will evaluate your requirements again and you will get new quote with estimated time and cost.  

2. View Billing Criteria and Calculation methode

   Software industry belong to virtual service, The main product is divided into customization production and existed product. In the ordinary way customize product 
modification frequency is more than existed product,which you can be used directly.
   After you have confirmed the project and accepted, after when you need upgrade and modify some function to meeet your market change, our service and charge  rule as 
2.1.  As long as the product of any service that need to consumed so much working hours on platform, It will need to pay related expenses, the sdandard rule as bellow:
Eg: If you need three technologist team take 10 hours for your service, each technologist need charge 80.00 USD, you need pay
                             10×80×3=2400.00 USD

2.2.  It not including other servie fee such as the urgent fee, potential risk fee, the monitoring operation fee etc.

In order to ensure you higner quolity service, please unified feedback your problem to the platform timely at each stage, avoiding to unnecessary charge and increase your costs in the latter, so the clear product development process, strict acceptance system, the standard service fee is the quality assurance of your project.