Platform and ISV_self
We provide platform + ISV_Self, third party  team development model,we build a Cloude Software Service Model,we will offer high quality service to customer in B2B2C type.
The platform is in charge of supervision and control process and quality of the project service. Audit project ,technical supplier qualification certification, audit project results and so on.
ISV_Self teams are independent project teams with many years of professional experience  directly under platform management, develop independently and assume responsibility for project. All ISV_Self teams owned group of professional qualification certification staffs,they all have mature product and success case,will provide customers with continuous quality services.  Currently we have 7 ISV_Self teams, each team has about 10~15 experts. For more details, please visit the third party store and recognize the signs.
Third party service team is independent project team through the certification of the platform, develop independently and assume responsibility for project.
Each phase of the project can be developed independent, different phases can be developed by different groups to ensure the stability of customer's project services.