Platform and ISV_self
The concept of soft Valley online R & D platform was proposed by Henry Xu, founder of eccic (general software company), in 2014 after more than ten years of outsourcing R & D experience, and after years of exploration, improvement and polishing, it was launched in 2017.
Software R & D, there are two solutions in the market, 1 outsourcing, 2 self built team. So soft Valley provides customers with a third option, online R & D. It not only has the advantage of R & D cost on demand, but also can be as efficient, timely and sustainable as a self built team. Soft Valley solves the problems of traditional software R & D without process tracing, outsourcing market confusion, lack of standards, technology without supervision, great dependence on engineers, difficult to guarantee, and difficult to sustain.
Online R & D has the advantage of flexible cost of outsourcing, and the advantage of self built team at any time. We believe that the arrival of 5g era will accelerate online R & D to replace traditional outsourcing R & D.
The soft Valley platform has realized a complete online software R & D mode. Even if we don't meet each other, we can fully realize product delivery and online upgrade, which makes the global software service e-commerce possible.
Soft Valley mode opens a new B2C mode, 80% of the products are self operated and joint venture (soft Valley shares). To achieve a unified window for customers to provide R & D and product services. To ensure quality, timely response and high efficiency.
Soft Valley is totally different from the Witkey platform. The Witkey platform is just an information link and result monitoring, which can't achieve the same complete process control as soft Valley (soft Valley has a detailed order delivery and work order system), so that the R & D quotation, upgrade and subsequent services of the software are always continuous. It does not rely on an engineer at all, so as to provide rapid technical support with the change of customer's business. Soft Valley is the customer's online IT department (after our test, the efficiency of submitting R & D tasks through the work order system is at least 30% higher than that of oral communication with colleagues in the next office, which is simpler and more documented). This is also Devops (Development Operation quick response mechanism).
In order to achieve more efficient R & D, soft Valley is also aggregating developers who understand more detailed business processes around the world (that is, what customers often hope, have you done it). And set up a software Valley developer alliance, so as to better achieve the goal of ready to use. Save the cost and time of starting a business. 80% of the projects have achieved the goal of obtaining quotation within 24 hours, with the longest quotation within 72 hours and work order feedback within 24 hours.
Soft Valley platform also provides product online SaaS services. Provide more technical solutions and online trial solutions. The purpose is to make customers find the most suitable and reliable products and services more quickly. Soft Valley is committed to become the technical resource pool of customers, and hopes to provide customers with unlimited R & D capabilities and technical support. Become a lifelong partner of customers. At present, more than 100 + customers have more than 5 years of service.
At present, we have attracted 15000 + customer cases and projects from more than 180 countries around the world, with an annual increase of 30%. Online search products, online customization projects, online submission of demand, online quotation, online supervision projects, all can be completed online, and our model has been trusted by more and more customers at home and abroad.
Flexible R & D, on-demand R & D, no support, ready to use, low-cost trial and error, rapid deployment, corporate CTO, soft Valley has more ready-made products and so on. These labels make soft Valley more suitable for you!
The future society is a society of sharing resources and technology and economy. The most important thing is to find experienced and resourceful people who will take fewer detours,
Online R & D has become a trend, a significant sign of the cloud computing era, and a core advantage of soft valley. After years of practice, it has been proved that we can solve the software and technical support needs of different countries, regions and customers around the world.  Technology support platform for global entrepreneurs!