Project development schedule

1.Project Estimated Time

Our technical experts will evaluate estimated cost and  time of the project after customer submits their project.

1.Before the client has confirmed the project,the project price is an estimate value,the price will be changed if the requirements will be changed,if the requirements will not be changed, the price will not be changed;
2.Before the client has confirmed the project,the project finish time is an estimate value,the time will be changed if the requirements will be changed;
3.Project finish time is made up of 'Making Time'+'Audit Time'+'Risk TIme'.'Making Time' is the project current phase finish time. 'Audit Time' is the time the client,STV and IPJ group cost on auditing this project.'Risk Time' is an unpredictable time delays in natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, etc.;
4.All time can be changed by three party (customer, STV, and IPJ Group),the price will be changed once the time has been changed.

2.Order Confirmation Time
After project offers, customers can in 15 days on the project offer, function and time to confirm. If the project is not extended to confirm, the project will enter a re evaluation, quotation and completion time will change accordingly.
3.Premium Processing time
If your project is in urgent need, you can apply for Premium Processing. Apply for urgent workorders in system. 
Note: Premium Processing charges: due to the Premium Processing will disrupt our normal schedule for all projects, all R & D  work must be rearranged, which will cause the loss of resources and human resource, so if the project is urgent, we will charg extral fee be according to actual situation. Based on our previous experience for 80% projects,extral fee is about 10%~30% of total project amount .
4.Project confirmation time
After your project finished,there will be one week for you to confirm your project. Our system have apply timeout acknowledgement mechanism,you can feedback us to modify within the effective time,after his time system will consider that you have confirmed. After confirmation system will assessment for your modify requirements and assign other expert for your project.
For software develop is a technical service,usually will come across technical challenge so time delay will be unavoidable,if you are very have strickly time requirement please think twice befor you submit your project. About 80% of projects we will finish before given time。
5.Project Modification Time
The project modification time needed is according to difficulty and need system assessment, because we have so many projects waiting for development , and project modification need to be scheduled, so if you need to modify the project please submit your requirement in one-time, system for your arrange expert for your project.