ISV terms

To promote the transformation of the traditional ways of working and non-network services in-kind transactions prosperity, protect the legitimate rights and interests of users ISV, ISV maintain normal business order, in accordance with national laws, regulations and "isv Service Agreement", the enactment of this rule.

ISV service rules, is a fundamental obligation of the user to increase ISV or restrict fundamental rights provisions. Users ISV transaction shall follow the equality, voluntariness, honesty, faith.

Identify and deal with violations, should be based on the facts as found ISV and strictly enforced in accordance with regulations. ISV users on the application of this rule are equal.

Users should comply with national laws, regulations and administrative rules. Any alleged violation of law, regulations, administrative rules acts already provided for in this rule, the application of this rule; yet these rules, ISV discretion processing. But ISV does not exempt the user's handling it shall bear legal liability

When users register as a user from the ISV should accept and agree to these rules, or can not use the services ISV trading platform. ISV reserves the right to modify these rules and make an announcement on the website. The date of the announcement, if the user does not agree to the changes, should immediately stop using the ISV-related services or products; if it continues to use, shall be deemed acceptance of the revised rules.

ISV right to refuse the following information items
1. containing sensitive information project: refers users to publish laws, administrative regulations prohibit the publication of information or any other breach of public order and morals and other social aspects of information .
2. contain pornographic information: refers users to submit obscene, vulgar other information. 
3. The gray area of the project uncertain
4. If you find the customer to change the project into an illegal project, ISV right to terminate the project.
5. Refused to Chinese law/ the customer where state law/ the project operates national law/international law does not allow the project.
6. Not mainstream software project.
7. Not the isv's project modify

About the projects start time
1. We will check the project payment in 3 days after customer pay the money and upload receipt.
2. We will start the project in 3 - 7 days after check project payment.

About product maintenance
Clients to buy the product after 3 months of maintenance time, if you need longer time to maintain, need to buy extended warranty plan.
Note: due to the unpredictability of the computer, customers purchased in our company website, if the customer site on your own server attacks, our company will not be any related responsibility.

Note: All of the company's commitment to both the company and the company's official website message system prevail. All operational staff verbal commitment to customers to make is invalid.