Online payment

1.How to pay online?

Current all the clients should use ServicePay account to pay all the orders,even when you choose Paypal to pay the order,the system will transfer the money to your ServicePay balance,then complete the payment by your ServicePay account automatically,you can view all the transaction record in ServicePay

Click there to recharge right now


2.Why should i choose ServicePay

ServicePay is a payment system which was developed by ECCIC,currently,ServicePay have collected  over than 180 countries clients,ServicePay mainly to solve the problem of highest transaction fee, and pay the software products and online services.

If you can recharge online in ServicePay,there will no transaction fee,eg:If you recharge $5000 in ServicePay,the balance will be %5000,and also you can enjoy 2% off once you complete the payment by ServicePay.