What is the role of sincerity gold?

     Sincerity gold is the project proprietor to express their attention to the project and the initial recognition to developers as well as the amount of co-operation of the trial, also to promoting the isoftvalley platform, tech-team suppliers and self-group development department to actively cooperate with the efficiency of the project, This part of the cooperation amount is only for universal custom project, sincerity gold specific role is

1.  Get a detailed quotation plan: After the sincerity gold freezes the isoftvalley platform, The project examination and verification center of the isoftvalley will sent the project to the development supplier and self-group evelopment rapidly, the supplier will evaluate the project development period, the detailed  requirement plan and the overall development amount in the shortest time, and through the isoftvalley platform project examination Center after a rigorous review sent to the customer,  provide modification until satisfactory.

2.  The quality of project can be get ensurebale and controllable: The iSoftValley developers from two aspects, one is the self-group department of the isoftvalley platform training and certification, another is the experienced external technology providers, they will receive the platform issued Project initial plan on time, and they will according to their ability to assess the development of the duration, capital requirements, while helping customers sort out a detailed project requirements plan, sincerity gold to promote the enthusiasm of engineers, the entire project progress and quality by isoftvalley platform monitoring and strict Audit, meanwhile customer will enjoy the follow-up service concessions.

3.  Sincerity gold offset start to develop the necessary funds: If the requirement plans through the audit and approval of the project proprietor, that can be start to develop, your sincerity gold as the amount of development , while the same time the isoftvalley platform to freeze the developers of the deposit.

4.  Reterns the sincerity gold: If the project side is not satisfied with the project requirement plan, and through the isoftvalley platform to verify, the platform will be to defrost the project sincerity gold at 15 working days.

5.  Project sincerity amount:  $ 980.00 USD.

6.  If there is no sincerity gold certification on iSoftValley platform,you also to do customize:  That means you don't want to pay the sincerity amount, but you also need a project requirement paln, iSftvalley also accept, however, this will lead to your project may be postponed, engineers are not so positive, but you will receive a detail requirement plan.