How to use workorder

How to submit workorder?

First, explain why the workorder is needed:
A work order is like a temporary online contract. Each information from a work order is sent after the engineer + background staff have passed the technical review, the schedule and other multiple reviews to ensure that the information released is official and authoritative. So as to avoid the random promises of the general staff. Disruption of work schedule, resulting in incalculable losses to the project.
Secondly, from the perspective of customers, due to the non instant communication of work orders, customers will submit information carefully and once, so as to reduce the ineffective communication between customers and technical engineering, let engineers focus on development and production, and reduce the ineffective labor cost of the project, which is also one of the reasons why soft Valley can maintain high efficiency and low cost.
Finally, all the project information  is recorded in the work order. No matter the soft Valley party or the customer party, the project will not be interrupted due to the loss of personnel and subsequent personnel unable to take over the project. You only need to log in the work order system with your account  to learn the project history information in detail. Reduce the risk  of the project, so that the project can be permanently sustainable development, which is also a big reason for many customers to choose soft valley.
So in order for your project to be efficient, safe, planned, sustainable and standardized, please use the work order.

(1) login to your ISV account.

(2) click on the new work order, select the type of work order.
(3.) Fill in the order number, description of the problem and select a picture, submit the work order.
(4.) Documents, videos, multiple images can be packaged as an attachment to Rar or in the form of upload Zip.
(5.) you can also send workorder with IPJ.
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