About change requirement

There are two explain about because of the project requirement detail unknow cause modify again and again in the customization development prograss, 1. Aboout project requirement modify service rule, 2. How to Operate on ISV platform.

1. Aboout project requirement modify service rule

 isoftvalley platform will make the benefit for client when their reqirement unclear and don't know what to do.

If you submite modify plan on platform, there are need to platform, development and you total three part involved in the discuss and complete the relevant audit, you should submite you want modify detial plan by Workorder, after that you will receive the feedback from development team.

1.1 In the first phase of the project, P0 is a fixed fee, can be discuss unlimited.

1.2 After P0 stage is finished, development start to evaluation the left four stages tatol cost and time.

1.3 You need to payment the P1 stage cost, developent can be effictive.

1.4 When P1 has been submited by development on platform, the platform audit center will test it integrity, then fowward to customer audit, customer need completement whithin a specific time.

1.5 When customer feedback the modify plan by workorder, customer will recept the detial plan from development, They will tell customer need to add new function or new pages and by customer agree.

1.7 If customer need modify in P2 stage, the modify plan will through ISV platform audit then forward to develop team discuss, if add new page and function need to re-quotation the relevant cost and time, and the left stage p3, P4 need to re-quotation, the time and cost will be re-caculate.

1.8 After each change of requirement, system will update the complation time.

The left stage as the same operate, In short, as long as it need to change demand, there are three party audit to confirm whether or not to re-quotation the relevant time and cost.

After requirement need to change, the relationship between time and cost as follow:

P1 calculate cost =P1 working hours* P1 hours unit price

P2 calculate cost = (P1 unit price +P2 unit price) *P2 hours

P3 calculate cost = (P1 unit price +P2 unit price +P3 unit price) *P3 hours


P1 price is need X1 USD per hour, P2 per hour cost for  X2 USD,

there is need to take n hours at the P2 stage, through technology suppliers and isoftValley Audit Center assessment , so the total cost is: (X1+X2)*n.

After the customer confirms and payments, the system informs the engineer to start the revision.

Therefore, It is very important to discuss in the P0 phase, to reduce changes requirement in subsequent phases please fully discussed in the P0 phase.

2 How to change your requirement

2.1 Login ISV , Click on"Workorder">>"IPJ">>"View detial">>"I Want to adjust it">>click "+"add you want, and you can change other existed function>>"submite", then wait ISV confirm.

IPJ  View detial  Apply for expedited
I Want to adjust it  Submite