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Android App for Hair Extension
Product Id:#305 This product is provided by ISV Self No. 5

1.Choose installment plan,you can own the product permanently,you have the property right(Non-intellectual property).

2.Choose installment plan,you can enjoy 1 year free hosting.

3.Choose renting plan,you only have the right to use,don't have the property right(Non-intellectual property).

4.Choose renting plan,you need to purchase your own hosting.

5.All the prices do not include the hosting price.

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    When your app uploading to app store or googleplay. Apple company or googleplay company needs review your app .

 Including introduction,Version,code and so on...

Q: what happens after the project is completed? A: After project completed, we will offer you the the source code of the 

app. You will register a developer account, and upload the code into APPLE store. The APPLE will ask you $99 for open the account.

Q:About app store and googleplay review. How long it will take?

A:App store around 1-2 weeks to review each submited app.

Googleplay around 1-2 days to review each submited app.

When googleplay or apple company checking any error . They will return your app and send you the error by email.

 Such as not submitted test account will not be processed. After fixed those errors . You need to re-submit the app to review . 

So it will be spend much more time.

Q: when app finished.what should I do?

A:When apple or googleplay passed your app,Client can search or install your app by app store or googleplay. When user

 use your app, They can write their opinions for your app. You can collect clients ideas to upgrade your app.

 Each app need to upgrade at any time to promote user experience or add some new functions.

Q:when my app need upgrade, Such as add new function or change some text colors. What should I do?

A:Our team provide you upgrade your app service ,Including all the functions or fixes some bugs.when our team help 

you fixes any bug .

you also need to upload the new version to app store or google play. And apple company or 

google play need re-check your new version. The check time as the same as first time.

Q:Is every online app are perfect?

A: No . There is no perfect app. it is a work in progress,ongoing upgrade your app will be better .

Q: Are you going to claim any further payments after the project is done? 

A: No further payment will be claimed from you after project end.

Q: When is the project expected to complete? A:: After we confirmed the app development requirement with you, The 

sales will help you to submit the project to the project management system. App Technology team will assess the time and 

fee within 1 working day.

Q: Are you going to facilitate the process of loading this programme onto the apple store?A: Yes, if you need help to load this programme onto the apple store.

Q: How are the receipts from the sales to be received and by whom and whose bank account? A: Receipts will be 

received by you and your bank account. Because you are the APP owner.

Q: Under whose name will the project be registered on the apple store? 

A: The app will be registered under your name.

If the above FAQ does not answer your question, please click here to ask the question you want.

How We Charge
How We Charge the Fee ?
Following step:

P1: ( 20% deposit in advance ): Renderings design with Photoshop. It will be delivered in jpg. ;png. or PSD. form

P2: ( 60% deposit in advance ): Programming
P3: ( 20% deposit in advance ): Online test on our server and offer you the source code after test well
Or additional :
P4: Your side need to apply for a google play or Amazon account; with a certificate and developer account.
      You (clients) can decide if you need us to upload the Android store,or you can upload by yourself.
       If need our job, it will cost extra 390 USD to do it.
Android App type:

Android app

    ①. Corporate web app
    ②. E-commerce web app
Android development type:
1. Outsourcing Development
     Outsourcing Development,Customers have the ownership of the project, and paid iSoftvalley all research and
     development costs of the projects.
2. Cooperation development
      Cooperation development, Shared research and development costs of the project by the the customers and iSoftvalley
     of the project, and iSoftvalley will arrange the best team to develop the project;
     The cooperative development investment ratio of 7:3, customers accounted for 7 percent, iSoftvalley accounted for 3 percent.
     Cooperative development projects, profit-sharing ratio of 7:3, customers accounted for 7 percent, iSoftvalley accounted for 3 percent .
     note:in the four phases of the project development, you can choose either of the phases to cooperate, of course, you also can select multiple project phases.
Customer Review

How Customer's review: I have around 90-100 users.

Customer's name: Osman 
Customer's country:Sweden 
Customer's review date: 30th, June, 2014 
Project ID: 4460
Project name : iphone app made 


How Customer's review: No, (nothing else need to be modified , You have done it perfect:) 
Customer's name: Osman 
Customer's country:Sweden 
Customer's review date: 28th, May, 2014 
Project ID: 4731 
Project name : app video made 
    iShop4 Android App is part of ecommerce solution,it will help you expand your business on mobile internet.The iphone version and PC version use the same data source and backend,so you can manage your website,iphone app,android app,ipad app,inet app with only one backend.Including fashionable clothing, jewelry, perfume, daily necessities, household lives, millions of products,and clients can browse, search, hide, online shopping, check shipping status, let love beautiful women don't have to worry about shopping, pick up the phone can easily shopping, take you to find your world.
【 Function Introduction 】
1. Abundant commodity categories, hundreds of well-known brands at home and abroad;
2. Optimize shopping process, shopping more convenient;
3. Search goods, can let you quickly find what you want items, brand;
4. Registered members can enjoy preferential multiple;
5. At any time browsing the details, read customer reviews.   

Customer Reviews
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