The taxi is the most popular o2o business model at present, that is a typical of the sharing economy business case, many Internet Co to research and to explore more opportunities, this kind of business model that is easy to be copied 
to all kind of business, That is why there have been appeared a number of Chinese taxi and car rental companies, logistics companies and travel companies. 

     ITaxi solutions many used for similar industries to make a specific solutions, including business operate model, we offer multiple aspects cooperation model of project development and provide a commercial lease model, a one-time  purchase mode,  phased payment model, reduce the pressure on the other side of the funds.       

  2. ITAXI Integrated Interface Display

2.1 Passenger

Logo in registe
Begin to play Taxi
Additional features:Services near you (It can be customize)
Sidebar - personal settings
Sidebar _ travel
Sidebar _ service
Sidebar _ Setting
Sidebar _ Complaint
Sidebar_Notice and Information

2.2 Driver

Logo in register
Recieve Order
When the driver chooses a new location, the number of online passengers is displayed.
Several states of home page: order cancel
Several states of home page: order finished
Several states of home page: Waiting order 
Sidebar Home
Notice and Information
Passenger Informantion

2.3 Background control

Financial login
Fare pricing
Payment and cash withdrawal - Passenger - Search
Payment and cash withdrawals - Passenger - Search details
Payment and cash - Driver - Search
Payment and cash withdrawal - Driver - Search details
Administrator login
Order system
Driver and passenger information view - Passenger
Driver and passenger information view - driver search - Search details 
Driver and passenger information view - driver search
Home page - Statistics page - Passenger
Home page - Statistics page - Drivers
Driver information audit
Driver information audit 1
Driver information audit details page
Customer service login
Customer service
Message push - Passenger 1
Message push - Passenger 2
Customer service driver
Message push - driver 1
Message push - Driver 2
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