VI visual recognition system design
    For different industries, combined with the brand strategy and corporate culture, customized by the brand core elements of specifications, brand visual style shape, brand and other important contacts designed to boost brand growth, strategic landing, the cumulative brand equity.
VI visual diagnosis and recommendations
    Brand image of the customer's existing diagnostic studies, focus from the industry, technical and other groups to analyze the latitude to shape the future of the brand's customers, find the problem and provide directional set of targeted recommendations.
Brand architecture and visual performance specifications
    Brand strategic planning, performance carding a clear brand architecture designed by VI, and alignment performed using standard, strengthen management, to show the distance Relationships brand level, influence and achieve the purpose of brand strategy desired result from the spread.
VI Collaborative Management Services
    Import brand early to provide full and comprehensive training, advisory services, implementation and client side, seamless connection between suppliers, can achieve landing, the implementation of strong brand building.
VI design core values
VI design carried out with vision and strategy to ensure VI is to show the brand's core idea.
According to the different characteristics of each enterprise to emphasize key points.
Provides detailed process, dimensions, material data, to ensure delivery of the depth of the VI.
VI design advantages
The status of international and domestic large enterprises successfully design, import VI, we have a wealth of experience.
The scale of the design team more than 30 people VI.
Strong research and development level, with all kinds of materials, technology, international companies VI manual database.
Leading VI design industry standards.
Provide late import service.