B2B refers to the supply and demand sides of e-commerce transactions are businesses (or enterprises, companies), they use the Internet technology or a variety of business network platform, to complete the process of business transactions. These processes include: release of supply and demand information, ordering and confirmation of orders, payment process and the issue of the notes, delivery and receipt, to determine the distribution program and monitor the distribution process, etc..
B2B is not only the establishment of an online trader groups, it also provides a basis for strategic cooperation between enterprises. Any enterprise, no matter how strong the technical strength or good business strategy, it is impossible to achieve B2B alone. In the era of the past, the establishment of alliances between enterprises has become the trend of development. Network causes the information to pass unimpeded, the enterprise can through the network in the market, product or business to establish a complementary and mutually beneficial cooperation, to form a horizontal or vertical form of business integration, to larger scale, a stronger strength, a more economical operation of truly achieve the global logistics management model.
B2B series of e-commerce platform is developed by the soft Valley team of independent research and development of a product, support online shop. Powerful, easy to operate, excellent user experience. It will bring you more customers and traffic. Customers can easily search, add to the shopping cart, online payment, etc.. In terms of payment, we integrated a lot of mainstream payment methods, such as Alipay, PayPal, Western Union, etc.; in monetary terms, we integrated the currency converter to meet your demand for cross-border electricity supplier. In the aspect of language, B2B supports multilingual, don't have to worry about foreign customers cannot read the website. Currently B2B has 5 versions, namely the computer version, the apple version, the Android version and the iNet version. Can greatly cover your customer base.