About product

    Now the social travel, especially in the middle of the trip, the bike as the most convenient means of transport, more and more popular, and not everyone wants to buy a bike,Or because there is not too much idle funds, or because there is not enough place to place, or because even if the lock is not good to buy another person but also a pair of pliers.In this case, a convenient and cheap riding software will bring endless business opportunities. And this product is a simple and easy to use and easy riding software.

Usage method:

1  after entering the app, you can see the map above the car positioning, You can choose the nearest car,very intuitive.


2  click on the bottom of the scan code can be swept into the code, sweep the code can be successfully unlocked.Can also choose to manually enter the number to unlock, and have a flashlight function, convenient light can scan the code or view.


3.   Click on the top of the page search button, you can enter the search page, you can search function.


4. When you meet can not open the lock or find a vehicle failure, as well as other issues such as illegal parking,Click on the lower right corner of the customer service button to view the use of customer service。


5. Click on the top left menu button to enter the personal center.Individual center can view a variety of functions,Include: my wallet; my discount; my itinerary; my message; invite friends; user guide and settings.