1. Overview
Soft Valley diy website building system is a self website make building system launched by soft Valley based on DIY website building technology of excellent suppliers, improved and upgraded, and combined with international needs.
It is mainly used for simple, fast and efficient website building business of the company's product publicity type.
2. Technique
It is built with a php frame. PHP + MySQL supports pseudo static and independent domain name resolution.
Soft Valley provides online technical services and hosting. At present, the version server is set in soft Valley server cluster.
Customers only need to purchase a domain name pointing to the server. 
Support PC terminal, H5 terminal, mobile phone mode, flat mode, can be embedded in WeChat mobile APP such as official account. or other APP 
3. Screenshot
Front end Preview:
A total of 11 sets of templates are supported, which can be transformed freely and infinitely.
back-stage management::
4.  Prepare
Customers only need to prepare a domain name. Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud, baidu cloud and other domain name companies are recommended for domestic domain names, and domain name companies (free of filing) are recommended for foreign domain names.
For the purchased domain name free of filing, please specify the server region hosted by the website in the work order (only one region can be selected for a domain name).
5. Server area
Chinese mainland, Hongkong, China, Virginia
6. Cooperation
Support annual payment order and lease mode; One time purchase is not supported;
Welcome agency industry cooperation, joint venture and other modes;
The background can provide various language versions, such as Chinese version and English version.
7. Other
Please consult the work order.