1.Select a project


1 can send voice, text messages, facial expressions, pictures, video. 30M traffic can send and receive thousands of voice, save traffic.
2 circle of friends, and friends to share life.
3 shake a shake, see the people around, the world no longer have a stranger.
The 4 sweep can sweep the barcode for commodity, book cover, CD cover, even English words translated into Chinese scanning.
5 public accounts, with micro channel attention star, watching the news, set a reminder...
6 game center, and friends play games.
7 look at the shop, funny funny look here.
Special note: micro channel only consumes the network traffic, do not produce SMS phone charges.


Log in
1.show a QR code, use the phone to scan and confirm on the mobile, then log in;
1.recent chats list show left, display by chat time (with photo,name,the last message,time/date), chat room show right;
2.contact list show left, display by name from A~z (with photo,name,the last message,time/date), name card details show right, link to chat room;
3.chat room, input box to fill in text message;
4.chat room, sticker button link to select and send sticker;
5.chat room, send pictures,video,document from PC;
6.chat room, screenshot function, shortcut can set;
7.search bar, search any content in app;
8.file transfer assistant, send any files between computer and mobile;
9.a button to initiate a chat, link to view contacts list, select one or more friends to chat (several friends will automatically be in a group);
10.group chat, any member can edit the name of this group, add new friends into this group, also can drop out and delete it;
1.account setting, show account information, a button link to log out;
2.can send message feed back to system;
3.common Settings, language choose to set, document storage path, message voice notice, chat history storage or delete;