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Mobile phone Taobao(iPhone version) is designed for iPhone launched mobile phone users to meet the life needs of the consumer and online shopping software, with preferential information, commodity life view near the search, browse, purchase, payment, collection, logistics inquiries, want to communicate online to become a user of living convenient entrance.
Product features:
1, convenient and fast life consumption entrance:
Anytime, anywhere, to view the living near the preferential information, theater, KTV, food, shopping offers a no leakage;
2 enjoy mobile Taobao new experience:
900 million multi commodity browsing, so you want your fingertips sliding in Amoy baby!
3 micro scouring:
Reading the trend of information, the assessment of people wearing a ride, so personality and fashion.
4 shopping cart:
Make shopping, pay more convenient, more affordable.
5 logistics query:
Baby logistics real-time updates, so you can track the logistics status anytime and anywhere!
6 sellers shop:
Sellers shop selling goods, every day, a special day!
7 purchase payment:
Easy to buy with the payment function, let you easily and safely to do a fashion!
8 smooth communication,
Secure online shopping: mobile phone want to communicate at any time, make your online shopping more at ease.
9 browsing history:
Local collection: historical record, and PC synchronized store and baby collection functions, so that you can easily buy a more cost-effective products.
10 historical transaction records:
Anytime, anywhere inquiry history trading status: all trading success of the order, waiting for the buyer payment orders, waiting for the seller to ship orders, waiting for buyers to confirm receipt of orders.
11 support mobile phone money back:
Bought the baby is not satisfied, at any time to use a mobile phone to take pictures and refunds.


B2B2C website‘s static pages
1.On home page when click the sign in or sign up on will skip to” 2 “page
2.On home page when click the buy button will skip to “3.products by category page”
3.On home page when input a product name in the searching bar the page will skip to “5.one specific product category page”
4.On home page when click all the products with pistures can skip to “6.the details of one products”
5.When click one category will skip to “4.most popular producuts page”
6.When click a product in(most popular producuts page) will skip to “5.one specific product category page”
7.When select one product will skip to the “6.product details page”
8.When move the mouse to the “buy” ,users can select the “post a buying request” and skip to the “7 page”
9.When move the mouse to the “ buy”, users can select the “how to buy” and skip to the “8 page”
10.When move the mouse to the “ sell”, users can select the “how to sell” and skip to the “9 page”
11.When move the mouse to the “ sell”, users can select the “newly added RFQs” and skip to the “10 page”
12.On the details of one products page users can click the “contact details” and then skip to the suppliers information page “11-(3)”
13.On the company page when click the “home ”the page can skip to the”11-(1).every supplier's website homepage”
14.On the company page when click the “company profile”the page will skip to “11-(2) page”
15.On the home page when click the “Message”on the top,the page will skip to “12.messages page”
16.When click one message will skip to inquiry details page”13”
17.On the homepage when the mouse move to the “Community”select the “Forums”,and then the page will skip to “(discussion forums) page”14-(1)
18.When click the title on the discussion forims page,the page will skip into the “14-(3) page ”
19.When click the post topic the page will skip to “14-(4)post topic page”
20.When the mouse move to the “Community ”on the homepage users can select “tradeshows”,and then skip to”14-(5).tradeshows”page
21.When click one industrry tradeshow will skip to related tradeshows”14-(6)Featured tradeshows” page
22.When you click one tradeshow on the “14-(6)Featured tradeshows ”page,the page will skip to “14-(7).Tradeshows details page
23.When move the house to the “Community”users can select”suceess stories”skip to “14-(8).success stories”page
24.When click a story on the”14-(8).success stories”,the page will skip to “14-(9).Sucee stories detailed informations”page
25.When click the “help center”on the home page .the page will skip to “15.help center page”
26.In every pages if have products only the users click the product images the pages all skip to “the details of one products”
27.The product page and company page has no limited in the website
28.NOTE!!:(1.b2b homepage2.siGn up or login page3.products by category page-when click the buy4.most popular producuts page-when click one category5.one specific product category page
29.NOTE!!:6.the details of one products7.post a buying request8.how to buy page9.how to sell page10.newly added RFQs
30.NOTE!!:11-(1).every supplier's website homepage11-(2).supplier's introduc tion11-(3).when click the (contact us)11-(4).when click (contact suppliers)contact supplier12.messages page
31.NOTE!!:13.message inquiry14-(1).buyer community-forum(discussion forums)14-(2).when click every pic of members-forum
32.NOTE!!:14-(3).buyer community-when you click a title14-(4).forum-when click the(post a topic)14-(6).Featured trade show14-(7).Tradeshows details
33.NOTE!!:14-(8).success stories14-(9).Sucee stories detailed informations15.help center page)
about us page
1.Add a page named “About us”page ,this is a information page introduce the website owner
2.Add “About us ”link in every pages’buttom
3.When click the “about us ”page in every pages ,they all can skip to the “about us”page
Display products page
1.Add a page named”Display products”page ,add the page under the “my account”page inside
2.When mouse move to the “My account”on homepage users can select the”Display new products”and then skip to the “display new products”page(see attachment)
3.In the display products details page suppliers can fill the products detailed informations including”Product Name,Product Keyword,More Keywords,Listing description,Product Photo
4.Add more button can add more details
5.The contents including detailed description,Trade information
6.And then has a drop-down menu the suppliers can select a product group suit for their product
7.At the buttom in the displayed detailed products page ,has a button named”submit”
8.When click the submit the page will skip to a information page and said”You have been submitted your project successfully.”
Manage product page
1.When mouse move to the “My account”in the homepage ,the users can slect the “manage products”and then the page will skip to this page(see the attachment)
2.In the”manage products”page has all the produc ts suppliers published before,including the products image and title ,after the products has a “Edit”button
3.When click the edit will skip to the pages suppliers published before
shopping cart page
1.display user's shopping cart list,each item including(pic/quantity and '+''-')/size/color/etc)
2.show total price ,and a "pay" 'continue shopping''button
3.below is some product list recommend
payment page
1.if user has not improve his imformation ,first he should fill delivery address and way,then user can choose payment way skip to related page to pay for it
my account page
1.menu bar:personal information/my bank account/delivery setting/messages/my orders
2.personal information,my bank account,delivery setting,each display related form infro,user can delete/update/edit some records
3.my orders page:six menu:all orders/waitting payment orders/waitting delivery/had delivery/have confirmed/had review,display related information and products list
4.message manege:a search bar,user can choose keyword type(username/product ID/product name)to select messages,below display display messages ,each can delete/replay