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Alipay.com swept the civilian financial artifact built-in "national balance of treasure, and credit card payments, transfers, charge calls, pay utilities are all free, and also provided to you as the center of catering, life services, financial insurance, the relationship between scene and a series of new services. Here you can enjoy a discount, to build family accounts for their families, and to build a group interaction with friends...... This will be a real name users live together in one of the one-stop life platform.
Main function
1, support the balance of treasure, financial revenue at any time to see;
2, to support the various scene relations, group chat group to pay more convenient;
3, to provide local life services, to buy discounted discount;
4, for their children to establish family accounts;
5, anytime, anywhere query Taobao bill, account balance, logistics information;
6, free of charge transfer, credit card payments, recharge, water and electricity charges;
7, also credit card, payment, payment, charge calls, card vouchers information intelligent reminder;
8, walking to donate, to support access to iPhone health data, and friends can be a healthy walk and interaction, but also to participate in public welfare.


Main Functions
1.Register:Email Verification ->Basic Information->Submission
2.Email Verification:enter Email and Verification code,then you should login your Email to verify it
3.Basic Information: enter basic information and login password,payment password /etc,question to protect password
4.sign in:enter email and password,verify code to login(should download Safety plug )
5.SMS alert notification
6.payment method set:secured transaction and direct dealing
7.the function to close payment by balance,if user want open it again,should verify by email
8.Bank to withdraw cash and Transfer ,
9.recharge fee from bank acccount
10.a plate for user transaction record,display record details
11.bank card manage
12.a plate user can edit profile
13.main languages are English and Chinese,google translator
14.secured web page
15.digital certificate technique
16.bind user phone number