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Shop fitting - Product Promotion - Promotion Operations - Customer Service Online . 
We provide overall service shop for you. Including daily store operations, event planning, traffic development, data analysis…...etc.
Shop Hosting Advantage
1. cost control advantage
  Hosted by shop - our team is to help companies and network operators save a lot of costs. Concern about high cost and extensive network channels can make our team expand their markets, at the same time reduce costs. thereby reducing operating costs of the enterprise and network operators, improving operational capability.
2. The advantage of implement promotion
  Professional e-commerce service providers can provide enterprises with comprehensive, full-time e-commerce services. Most e-commerce business is not the core of company, planning, network promotion, optimization and other aspects of business in company are often beyond their grasp. Then you need a professional team to operate this piece, our team is to provide the enterprise a professional e-commerce teams, which can bring customers more quickly and efficiently for the enterprise.
3. Management Advantage
  Eliminating the cost for the management team of e-commerce services for enterprise, companies only need to provide product information, companies do not need to check the Internet, it’s our duty to help companies with B2C sales and revenue settlement based on actual business sales.
Status of industry, Trend of industry, Environment analysis, Brand value, Products attribute, SWOT anslysis, Competitor anslysis, Customer anslysis, Marketing segmentation and positioning.
Integrated marketing communication, Media planning, advertising planning , Copy writing , products description, Setting keywords, development of SNS Maintenance of membership.


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