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Win interest together
Market Research
1. Competitive strategy 4. Data Analysis
2. Product planning 5. Sales Forecast
3. Product promotion 6. Operations Report
Store operations
1. Product Photography 4. Store management
2. Product Draft 5. Customers
3. Product Added 6. Warehouse Logistics
Shop decoration
1. Theme style 4. Supplier Category icon
2. Shops Background 5. Product Description
3. Standard design shop
Team Training
1. Products shelves 4. Customers
2. Marketing skills 5. Software
3. Store management  
Store Marketing
1.Products recommended
2.Products optimized title
3.Sicroblogging marketing
Others resource: 80,000 clients resources from the world can share
Commitment to sales protection, signed a contract to determine the goals, the interests of both bundles. If in one year, technical and operational isoftvalley team does not reach the level of service target, returned unconditionally part of the difference between the ratio
Customized EIB Site Escrow Plan
Service List Basic Plan Stardand Plan Premium Plan
Requirements Analysis  
Market Analysis  
Product Analysis    
Website construction
Picture Beautification
Product Management
Order Management
Marketing Strategies    
Shipment Management
Customer Relationship Management    
Weekly Work Report
Price 20000 $ 50000 $ 120000 $
  Cooperation model Basic Servicefee Receipt of fees
Basic service fee 
+ sales commission
$20,000 / year Start     Monthly sales commission plus basic services at a fixed
    fee and Sales commission. According to different
    categories. According to monthly sales , 3%-5%.
Basic services fee $30,000 / year Start     Only take Fixed basic service charge
Sell royalties start from8%     According to the fixed percentage points to pay the cost of
Statement       The shop that can get sell royalties must be the Brand
    TOwner Operating more than one year Or the shop having
    sales of more than $150,000 monthly, Please consult
    customer service
Our Service List
No. Item Name Item Description
Requirements Analysis
1 Deep communication with client To get to know exactly what you want and what you need for this project
2 Internal meetings To discuss your requirements and feasibility
3 Refer successful case To compare and find best way to serve your customized online business
4 Assessment of Resources To work out if we can meet your requirements and time, price for your projects
Market Analysis
1 Market Investigation Research your target market and other potential markets suitable for development
2 Competition Research Find your competitors in the current market, and analyze both their advantages and disadvantages
3 Government Policy Research To make sure your business is legal and conform to government policies
4 Industry Investigation To know the trend of your target trade, in order to make right decisions in the 
following jobs
5 Customers Research To find out what customers are pursuing in this market and what they want for new brand or product
6 Opinions Exchange Make goodl use of your professional background in offline business and dig value from it
Product Analysis
1 Product Study Know products better, organize, describe and promote them better
2 Competitive Products Analysis Find out the features both of the bestseller and dead stock, learn from them
3 Advantages Extraction To persude customers to choose your products not others
4 Defect Awareness In case of accident on product quality, and be prepared to handle problems
5 Supplying Assessment To know the supplying ability for products, as the reference for later sale plan
Website construction
1 Check Accessibility Check if the website can be accessed normally
2 Website Analysis Check and test if your website is functional enough for online business
3 Background Settings General settings for your site
4 Set Home Page Layout Design and make suitable layout for your home page for better customer 
5 Set Product Page Layout Design and make well-organized layout for your product page for smooth 
shopping procedure
6 Set Product List Page Layout Design and make well-organized layout for your product list page for faster 
location of target
7 Set other pages layout Design and make proper layout for your other pages for better customer 
8 About us content Edit and post About us page, let customer understand your business and trust 
your site
9 Contact us content Edit and post contact us page, let customer find you in the right way easily
10 Payment content Edit and post detailed payment method for customer
11 Shipment content Tell customer the shipment details for products on your site
12 Privacy Policy content Edit and post Privacy policy for your site
13 Copyright content Edit and post copyright information for your site
14 Email Setting Set E-mail to receive information from customers and order messages
15 SEO configuration Set meta data to your home page to make it easier to be catched by search engine
like Google
16 Other related content Collect and edit other related information about your company and site
Picture Beautification
1 LOGO Design If you don't have a logo yet, we will design a brand new one for you
2 Watermark Design If you don't have a watermark yet, we will design a brand new one for you
3 Watermark Applying Put watermark on your products pictures
4 Banner Design Design beautiful banner for your site to attract arrived customers
5 Product Picture Process Beautify your products pictures, to make them more professional and attractive
6 Event Poster Making Make special advertisements for campaign or event for your site, like sale 
promotion, Christmas Promotion
7 Brochure Design Design professional brochure for your products and brand to improve exhibition 
level of your company
8 Business Card Design Design and create business card image for your online business site
9 Other picture process Design and process other pictures on your site
Product Management
1 Check Product Data Check Product Data to make sure they are in right format and well-organized
2 Correct Product Data After check, modify and correct problems in products for better presence online
3 Upload Product Data Put the completed products online for sale
4 Check Categories Check and analyze if the current categories are well-designed, easier for user to 
find their target
5 Adjust Categories According to the checking results, do modification and correction to the mistaken 
6 Set Sale Products Analyze the traffic and CTR data, and put potential products to the sale zone for 
maxium optimized
7 Prodcut Edit For important or potential products, improve their performance by professional 
8 Price Adjustment According to specific performance and product features, change price to agree 
current market
9 Remove Products When product is not available, remove it from shelves and inform customer
10 Update Products Add new attributtes for uploaded products, such as color, size etc.
11 Products Stock Monitor Automatically monitor stock for every product
12 Other products modification Other service which is helpful to presence and sale of products
Order Management
1 Check Orders Daily Check new orders on backend and tell responsible team or part to deal with
2 Track unfinished order Contact customers when they ordered but still not pay, help them on questions 
and doubts
3 Order Data Analysis Collect all dealed orders and find regularity among them for problems fix and 
experience improvement
4 Other order service All other possible services to manage order on your site
Marketing Strategies
1 Facebook Marketing Post Ads and other promotion activities on
2 Twitter Marketing Post Ads and other promotion activities on
3 LinkedIn Marketing Post Ads and other promotion activities on
4 Pinterest Marketing Post Ads and other promotion activities on
5 Sina Weibo Marketing Post Ads and other promotion activities on
(China major SNS platform)
6 RenRen Marketing Post Ads and other promotion activities on
(China major SNS platform)
7 Marketing on other SNS Post Ads and other promotion activities on other social networking sites
8 Blog Marketing Post Ads and other promotion activities on primary blog platforms like: 
Tumblr, etc
9 Email Marketing Compose newsletter with different templates and send to target customers
10 Target Community Marketing Join in target forum or group, to promote your brand and products
11 Customized Marketing Market on the specified or local platforms you asked or appointed
12 IUB Marketing Upload and promote your brand and product on our international promotion site:
13 Content Marketing Compose high quality soft advertisments to market your website and brand
14 Event Marketing According to a special festival or event, make a special promoting campaign to
market your site
15 Sale Activity Plan According to market and festivals, make sale activity to increase sale performance and brand building
16 Ads for Sale Activity Design special Advertisement pictures for special events, to be updated with 
current affairs
17 Other Marketing Services Any other local online marketing way will be supported after assessment
Shipment Management
1 Trackable shipment inquiry Support online inquiry for customer's package
2 Multiple shipment solutions Customers can choose the best shipment way for them when making order
3 Interface for other shipment way available Customize and add your local shipment method to your iShop4 sites
4 Other Shipment Services  
Customer Relationship Management
1 After Sale Maintainenance Response to customer's feedback and do necessary modification and upgrade
2 New Arrival Inform Send E-mails to your site members when there are new arrival or sale events
3 Order Inform Send E-mails to your customers when they put an new order on your site
4 Payment Inform Send E-mails to your customers when they make a payment on your site
5 Holiday Greetings Send Greeting E-mail to your customers when holidays
6 Event Inform Send E-mails to your customers when a sale or promotion event start
Weekly Work Report
1 Data Report Send you E-mail with information on primary data on your site for this week
2 Work Report Tell you on how your site is going on, and primary jobs we have done for this week
Service performance
  Proprietary period of Eccic The amount of sale after trusteeship Is Twice as proprietary     Proprietary period of Eccic The amount of sale after trusteeship Is Twice as proprietary
The comparison of Shops operating results





1. EIC services purchased, how long can generate orders

This site operates according to the customer on the product, the quality of the product determines whether the product 

to attract consumers. Web site operators and is a long term work, how long can we produce orders can not be determined. But we will offer you our best service.


2.Customers themselves what needs to be done.

Customers do not need to improve the product to attract consumers and increase ad.


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Step 2
Investigate Ding
Step 3
Contract Signing
Step 4
            Trusteeship of customer service    
  Trusteeship of the shop  
Shop decoration
  Product promotion     The website construction