Soft Valley online R & D provides three R & D solutions:


Scheme 1: standard online R & D scheme

That is, it is developed according to the standard of p0-p1-p2-p3-p4 scheme.

About how to customize project ,please click here.

Each stage is managed by order.

Hint:The software price is very difference from others , that will mainly depend on the technology engineers skills ,and workload etc . so please select a professional company to design and develop your project , because they has a standard control workflow to make your project risk least .

TYPE 1 Small customized project 5,000~30,000USD

Suit to mini company special customized projects.


(1)A small company business website for customize to improve brand;

(2)A small ecommerce website for shopping and online payment ,suit to sell products online and other special functions required;

(3)A small special software for management ,such as a customer service system;

(4)A small app ,such as own some simple pages to show information ,to search information and control blue device etc;

(5)Other requirements clear, simple ,single software or app system;

Note: if the above projects occur functions changed ,the price will change also ;

It is very import to care what you really want in your limited budget. Please try hard to make the main and important functions realized in your budget. 80% persons will make their projects failed by their huge and unlimited idea . So first put online version 1.0 is very important and can continue update it in the future . If you want to control your budget , maybe buying a exit software is a good choice in the beginning .
TYPE 2 small and medium ecommerce system 30,000~100,000USD

Suit to want to develop a ecommerce system for much functions ,include vendors

management ,super admin website ,finical management ,online or offline payment management etc.


(1)Such as jumei.com that called b2b2c website system;

(2)Other similar complex functions websites

Note: if need an extra app ,the price will increase more 30%-50%.

If need more special functions ,the costs will increase more, that will mainly depend on the how much details needed.
TYPE 3 Medium and large web project 100,000~200,000USD

Generally the project has a web version ,an app version and with online and offline

pervice functions; some such as meituan.com ,ele.me and other O2O system,small industry Internet, Internet of things project


(1)The project is a platform system ,app own gps functions

(2)Other similar O2O system

(3)Intelligent express cabinet type series projects, etc


Other costs will depend on details and special requirements.
TYPE4 Huge system project Millions USD

Similar taobao.com ,tmall.com ,jd.com ,ebay.com and other huge system;

Include alipay.com and wechat app etc;

Also some tools app, such as apple pay system and mobike share bike sytem .

These system will has a huge data analysis functions .

These project has a high quotation because the development costs will huge , include functions complex , more work need to do ,and more engineers needed , the system need a high security design and high performance design etc. if need deeply design and development ,the costs will increase faster ,and maybe the quotationwill reach to ten millions dollars or more.

Note: a perfect software design not only depend on functions come true ,also need high performance design and good user experience design etc.

That is why the good engineers in alibaba ,in baidu ,in tencent ,in google have very high salary in year. Some can get millions dollars one year.

TYPE 5 Small app 10,000~30,000USD ,80% can be l in 100,000USD

If need website system extra , that will reach about 150,000USD only for version 1.0.

If the quotations of other medium and large apps refer other type projects .

The costs mainly depend on difference details functions of apps.
TYPE6 Windows software 50,000~100,000USD
Program based on Windows
Management system: such as OA system customization, quality management system customization, case management system customization, etc.
Control communication drawing: Hardware docking control small software, C++, C# small control software, single small GUI drawing special software, etc;
If it involves complex integrated management platforms, complex control algorithms and complex hardware docking, the cost is easy to rise to millions.
The costs mainly depend on difference details functions of apps.
TYPE7 Auto control system 1,000,000~3,000,000USD,80% projects will focused in this range of price .but if just need a simple and small auto control system ,that will maybe only need 300,000 USD up and down .

Some industrial control system ,like a car automatic control system , environment detection control system, smart home control system and others etc .

If need other hardware that will need to revaluate the quotation again .
TYPE8 Solution huge system 80% will be in 3,000,000 up and down . but some also can reach ten millions dollars.

Such as smart traffic control system and national welfare tickets system etc.

The system include hardware and software and app and other sensors etc. it is a very complex system , will need more devices.
OTHERS Unknown system Price not know

If your project not belongs the above system , that will divided into 3 parts . one is for small type ,the quotation will be 30,000~60,000 USD, one is for medium type ,the quotation will be 50,000~100,000USD, the last is for large system project , the quotation will cost above 1 millions .

The software price is very difference from others , that will mainly depend on the technology engineers skills ,and workload etc . so please select a professional company to design and develop your project , because they has a standard control workflow to make your project risk least .

The above information just for reference, the specific quotation come from development department


Scheme 2: fixed budget price scheme

This scheme is suitable for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises with clear needs or upgrading maintenance projects. It is also called quick order scheme.

Specifically: the budget shall be determined by the customer, and then it shall be voluntarily undertaken by soft Valley's self-employed, third-party stores or developer alliance.
Scheme 3: monthly billing scheme
This scheme is suitable for soft Valley strategic investment projects or projects with cumbersome, uncertain and complex structures.
Specifically: soft valley will judge whether it is suitable to use this scheme according to the basic situation of the project, the strategic direction of soft Valley, the background of the owner and other comprehensive factors.
The charging standard is: $ 12,000 / R & D unit · month
The specific number of R & D units, months and prices will be given after soft Valley's evaluation.
R & D unit · month: refers to the billing unit that takes one natural person + soft Valley online R & D background support resources as a whole and takes one month as the calculation cycle. Its structure is equivalent to a general person in charge + a freely combined temporary team in the background. This R & D unit will give full play to the advantages of soft Valley's online R & D background technical resources to achieve the purpose of reducing costs, high quality and fast service.
When the business prospect of the customer's project is uncertain or the budget is limited, it is suggested to lease the SaaS software products of softvalley (such as applet, website, app, industry software, etc. softvalley can provide many existing industry application products), and then customize them as needed with the business development, so as to reduce the venture risk investment and get out of the initial stage.