Who Is The Expert?


  • Hello, every one, I am isoftvalley platform LiuLiu, may be you can called me Liu expert, Moo!~~,Don't just think I can only write code, there are many thinth I can do. For example, recommend a short hour service engineer to you! and how do you do if you don't know the develoment? How to bring to many orders throught Econmmerce? I'm the layman, how i can do a product with brand and competitiveness.

Senior experience in Ecommerce solution

There are many senior talents in the Internet field, including background engineers, architects, front-end engineers, brand designers, Internet operators.If you do not understand the technology and how to built a competitiveness product, that's all right, come here.

Saving Cost、Labor and Time

Let the professional do thier skill for you, To help you achieve perfect plan in quickly, more over, you can't find such way could help you result difficult to recruit, promotion, no technical background, no experience in Ecommerce field.


Just as a Chinese proverb is reliable people do reliable things;
Honor: if you get a perfect consult, you can select our self-development team or the third party developers of platform to start your project, but you maybe first to freeze some of the funds onto the platform the project will start to do.


If your website has gong out the maintenance period time, you can't find the originaldevelopers to service you, we can be your closer technoloy supporter.

Benefits To Consult ?

Provide free consult for technoloy development, resourse service and Ecommerce solution.
quickly find your product problems, and cooperate closely with you, we can discover your real demand.
Based on the problems that you should solve, provide advice and advice to help you clear your minds.
Through this consult on the isoftvally platform, that brings you a fast and convenient way of work, you can know what is the software life term, how to monitor and test your project at each stage in the development process, how to express your idear in the feedback by the quickest and most concise way.
After you have get the clearn idear, you can submite a plan to any self-development team on isotvelly, yes, you can select other development company, they can give you an accurate quotations, At the same time, you have more clear negotiation ideas.
Combine resources to control the overall situation and transform the customer's ideas into "Usable & Valuable software".