Feature and Advantages


1. Sign files anywhere and anytime, simplify working style,  avoid the waste of your financial and material resources and help you sign

    more valid contracts.

2. with friendly operation interface, you can easily sign、send and store.

3. Real-time arrival notice will be validated by email, and a reminder notification will be sent to the recipient.


Management and security

1.The information of signed documents and digital audit will be updated and stored in your file, master the dynamic of enterprise at

   any time.

2. Password and fingerprint recognition will together guarantee the identity safe and reliable.

3. Design your own signature.



1. The signing certificate and document record is traceable and will be generated automatically, you can download them on file.

    Document signing certificate: the user login ID, the user IP, document generation time, file sequence, Column number (encryption),

    and other information.

2. Every document has a complete independent digital audit record. Independent audit of the contract is in line with the judicial

    evidence record.

3. Cloud online storage service belongs to the financial level, and it ensures that the contract cannot be tampered with, and provides

    the highest security for preservation of evidence.