Software Testing is a process by making use of manual operation or automatical operation of software to verify that if it meets specified requirements or to ascertain the difference between the actual results and expected results.  
Test procedure:

Step one: We will analyze the test product / project, and make a test strategy and plan. After the plan is checked and approved, we will go to the step two. It is the most important part and the basis of later work to confirm the correct testing strategy and guideline. Only the test’s objective and requirements analysis is clear, we will invest resources for testing.

Step two: Design test cases. Design test cases will carry out according to the test requirements and test strategy, when the pressure of process is not high, it should be designed in detail; if the progress’ pressure and cost are high, we should ensure that test cases cover critical testing needs.  When the use cases are approved, we will turn to the third step.

Step three: if the “EntryCriteria” is reached, then we will execute the test. Test execution is to set up a test environment, and to execute test cases. When performing the test, we will control the process、 coordinate project……

Step four: Submit defects. Here,we will review defects and verify the project.

Step five: Eliminate software defects. Usually, the development manager needs to review defects and distribute them. Programmers should be responsible for them. After the programmers modify the defects, the project will back to testing phase. If you meet Exit Criteria, then the test is finished.

Step six: Writing test reports.