1. Requirements submit .

Before we start testing , you need to submit your project requirements or uploading attachments in soft Valley internet.  



2. clear test requirements 

Our technical team can always communicate with you to confirm that you want to test focus. 



3. Payment

If you have confirmed the demand , please submit your order and complete payment. 



4. The evaluation and acceptance

After completing the test , the order can be evaluated



In iSoftvalley.cm,you can post your questions or requirement in 2 ways.

(1.)In ProjectManager app(One important app of ServicePay) ,you can post the workorder at your projects page,the technical groups will reply you in 24 hours.


Choose "Submit a workder"


Enter your question or requirement and submit



(2.)In iSoftvalley.com,you can post a new workorder at "My Workorder" page,and the technical groups will reply you in 24 hours (recommend).


Click "Submit Workorder"


Enter your questions or requirement,and the order number,then post

Note:workorder ony solve the techical problems,you can not add new functions of this project in the workorder,or the workorder will be refused.


Where can i check my project finish time?
If you want to check your project finish time,you need to go to the ProjectManager ,click "My Project".


Click "detail"

View the finish date