Graphic design business is one of the important business sources of the isoftvalley platform, there are different levels and different design style of the designer, according to market demand, the design service is divided into: LOGO similar make design, LOGO original creation design, brand logo design(can be trademarks), a designer may appear in each zone at the same time.

Customers can communicate directly with the designer, you need to make full communicate before start to design.



P0 STAGE:Sketch  outline design P1 STAGE:Sketch prototype modify P2 STAGE:Software drawing design 

pencil drawing stage, brief, no color, please
confirm the outline figure is sitisfied, when
designer drawing by software will no suporte
change it full figure stype.

With so many traces software sketch figure, designer
will show you the complete color figure by a link.
you can celect change color, but no support change
full figure

To show you a perfect logo design, if you need to be
registered trademarks, please refer to the relevant zone.



1. Design service only to isoftvalley platform certified designer, you can select any designer through full communicate, 

2.Customers fully confirm the demand, the customer need to full payment in advance on ISV platform, then the designer can start to design;

3. If you don't satisfied the draft through multiple modification in the first  of p0 stage, we support  replacement the designer, until satisfied;

4. Only to p0 stage can be replace the designer service;

5. Platform respect for each designer's effort, if involved in the refund dispute, please refer to About refund question;

6. If the first draft of the design has been confirmed, the designer can start the p1 stage, P1 stage does not support replacement the draft plan, only support modify the color, otherwise It will be viewed as the secondary plan;

7. If the customer and the designer in private transactions, the platform will not bear all the risks , including deceive, rotten charges and other bad behavior;

8. The platform only supports the full payment then start to design, the customer all rights and interests to take effect to prevent, the bad businessmen to extract the design and malicious make things difficult, please customers in the design before the careful communication and full consideration, To prevent the bad businessmen to rotten plan and malicious make things difficult, Please make full communication and full consideration before design;

9. Customers and designers need to be fully cooperate in the process, be sure to reply in time, if there are other special circumstances, please promptly declare to the platform the reasons, the platform to make mediation;

10. Trademark design does not bear 100% successful registration, if the registration process found similar works, please provide effective official credentials, the designer is obliged to provide the appropriate modification services.


Other question

If you have other question, please login and consult us through "WORKORDER".