1. What elments should I provide to designers for my Logo design?

 Whether your LOGO design can specifically express your business image, they must understand your business background, company culture, reference class content, graphics, color, shape, Provide the system with an honest expression of the meaning you want before the designers beginning, because the designer will be responsible for your LOGO, you will receive some of their the reference case, many design inspired by the detailed information you provide.

 2. Why iSoftvalley design rules are first paid after the design?

 All the designers on iSoftvalley are the experienced designers and owned so many seccessful cases, most of them are engaged in design work for more than 10 years. However, LOGO design work is different from the purchase of other physical goods, even the customer free trial products or return products that also belong to businesses, but the designers devoted a great deal of design effort to you to design LOGO works, there is no insurance fee or guarantee, so, dear customer, please abide by the rules.

 3. We provide vector or bitmap graphics?

 Vector is like a straight line, no matter how much you zoom in It still unchanged, on the contrary, the bitmap will be distorted, In general, we will provide the image properties based on your requirements, including PSD, PDF ,JPG, AI, PNG, EPS, etc, any format you need, EPS and AI are vector format.

 4. How long will it take?

 If you provide a complete information to the designer, Usually it will take1-2 working days.

 5.How to ensure that the design work for you is the best?

 -. Designer's senior design experience.
     -. A large number of LOGO design case for your reference.
     -. Design is not a simple Simple jigsaw puzzle work, it includes graphic design and content design.
     -. We are three design teams at the same time for you to design a LOGO, First you will receive 3 LOGO design sketches, let you choose one of them, then submit your comments to the designer through the WORK ORDER, Until the design is satisfied.

 6. I would like to improve the work, how to submit my questions through the system?

 you can submit your modify opinion though ourb workorder system.

 7. How long is the valid period of the trademark registration?

 -. The registered trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of approval of the registration fee, no halfway.

  8. Are you 100% guaranteed that make sure that my registration will be successful?

 -. Can't,because trademark registration query has blind search for 3-6 months,Commitment to "100% registered success" has little evidence to support it,ISV intellectual property rights through trademark inquiries and risk estimates,The success rate of the first instance was over 85%, which was much higher than the average rate of 54.03%.

  9. Logo can be used for trademark registration? Is copyright reserved for me?

 The Completed logo can be used for trademark registration, the copyright belongs to customers,In order to avoid registration failure, our designers will consider this issue when they design,this is our 10 years of experience, do not worry about the registration of trademarks, and we provide long-term after-sales service.



    10. Is the iSoftValley logo design expensive or cheap?

 -.From the designer level, in comparison with their peers, we are the price of cabbage (not any work long said senior designers, help you to consider the full range: 0 registered trademark infringement, the success rate of up to 54% of the industry, and professional designers and experience)

 -.Our unique design patterns and specifications of the design process,We uphold the long-term business philosophy and quality of service protection, customers do not have to worry about the follow-up service no one's distress, we're not just doing a single business.

 -.important:Find a professional, let you more peace of mind: desiners ware missed when you need to change again, The trademark registration should be redesigned logo again,Logo design model infringement,Lifting the public appetite as the time its going.

 11. How do I begin my logo design?




 Please select your favorite logo in the online customization, directly under the order

  You can also upload your attachments and requirements.Please select your favorite logo in the online customization, directly under the order
 You can also communicate with our designers through a single system.
 Check your LOGO is expected to complete the time,if you LOGO to be more anxious, you can also apply for Express Marking.

 Choose your favorite logo pattern in Custermize,then order it.

Fill in your requirements and reference file then submite,after your payment our system will assign designer for your logo.

After the design is complete, please login system to download your source file.