Corporate CTO
Introduction of CTO (member of soft Valley New Economy)
1. What is a corporate CTO?
Soft Valley Corporation CTO, also known as soft Valley new economy member, provides customers with comprehensive technical services based on the huge technical and ecological resources of soft Valley platform, matches different technical resources in different stages of the project, and provides business value analysis, planning, implementation suggestions, management organization suggestions, resource recommendation, R & D, and technical resources support for customers through package services To achieve the goal of saving customer cost and optimizing business value, we should take less detours, test market feedback quickly with the minimum cost, and help customers achieve a breakthrough from 0 to 1.
2. What problems can corporate CTO solve?
A large number of small and medium-sized enterprises and even individual entrepreneurs, due to the lack of funds and professional skills, when they want to expand their business capabilities with the help of Internet tools, they often find that the investment in Internet projects is very high and the risks are very high. Moreover, due to the confusion of large and small software companies in the market, the products are complex, the quality is uneven, and they rely heavily on engineers After sales is not sustainable, and it can not meet the individual needs of the enterprise. In addition, it is difficult to understand the technology, which makes the choice of customers extremely difficult. In the end, they can only give up the project and miss the opportunity, which is a pity.
Soft Valley launched corporate CTO is to solve these problems.
Let the customer's Internet project from high cost, high risk, difficult to choose into low cost, low risk, easy to start, reliable.
Through the soft Valley legal person CTO service. Select the best and most suitable products and services from the soft Valley platform for customers at different stages of development, and provide them to customers without additional product and service usage fees (except for additional customized development requirements).
To make a popular analogy, the products and services provided by traditional Internet companies are just like all kinds of restaurants on the street, allowing customers to make their own judgments and choices. However, CTO, a legal person in soft Valley, provides a buffet service in a five-star hotel with a catering attendant attached. She will recommend which dishes to choose according to the health of the guests. All costs have been included in the service fee for independent meals, No additional charges will be added.
The goal of CTO service of soft Valley Corporation is to let small and medium-sized enterprises, even individual entrepreneurs, simply and easily have a professional IT service and implementation team.
3. What services can a corporate CTO provide?
Legal person CTO service process:
Step 1: soft valley will send experts to exchange and deeply explore customers' industrial upgrading needs. The value analysis report of P 0 project was formed;
Step 2: according to the project requirements, the soft valley will first complete the project construction and launch from the existing product library, and provide the project planning and operation report (usually 1-6 months);
Step 3: to assist customers to complete the establishment and Implementation Suggestions of project operation team;
Step 4: according to the actual situation of market feedback and customer resource background, timely communicate and feedback with customers, and form monthly report to provide operation and decision-making suggestions for customers;
Step 5: integrate customer projects into the new economy member group, exchange and learn from each other, recommend resources, provide one-to-one account manager, track projects, and assist customers to solve problems;
Step 6: for some projects, customers can negotiate with the soft Valley to complete the revenue sharing and deduct the technical service expenses. If the soft Valley obtains 10% of the revenue right, the R & D upgrading will enjoy the 10% discount.
Provide all product level software license for softvalley platform(software white list)
In a simple image, no matter you are a small and medium-sized enterprise or an individual, you will have an online CTO and a virtual IT department to provide technical services, advice and escort for your business.
4. A comparison between corporate CTO and individual CTO?
Many people said they had never heard of a corporate CTO before. Yes, the concept of corporate CTO is also the first time soft Valley put forward in global business. It was proposed in the end of 2018, and after the project practice in 2019, it can not be said that it is fully understood and supported.
But let's compare:
Comparison item individual CTO legal person CTO
The difficulty of selection is very difficult, just as it is easy to find a daughter-in-law. The service is transparent and open
The cost of wrong selection is very high, and the project fails as a whole. All the resources on the shelves have been tested and reliable. Moreover, the docking service personnel can be changed, which is almost zero
Service ability one's ability and experience a company's resources and team's service ability + personal qualification of soft Valley founder
Single resource capacity, in addition to the huge technical experience pool of technical resources and ready to use tools + P0 NABC business value planning + extensive Entrepreneurial Resource contacts
Basically not
Service mode: personal full-time, but unstable, full online response, 24-hour reply, plus artificial telephone, wechat, offline and other service communication
The financial burden is only 120,000-300,000  USD years, and many R & D do not need to pay any more. Even new R & D is elastic and the cost is controllable
No additional team R & D costs are included
The risk cost completely depends on the ability of the individual, the ability of the whole entrepreneurial ecosystem of the soft valley. The exchange of projects and information greatly reduces the risk of failure
Trial and error support does not support trial and error, others will try and error quickly, the fastest 7 days can start, the minimum can be a month trial and error
Considering whether to join or not, the mobilization cost is high
The soft Valley integrates the surrounding ecological services, resource services and entrepreneur ecology, and can quickly collect market feedback
So the value of choosing a team to do CTO is far greater than finding an individual to do CTO.
5. Why choose CTO of soft Valley Corporation?
Professional things should be done by professional people. Choose soft Valley CTO service, save trouble, worry, and cost-effective!
Online service, whole process computer monitoring, standard!
Soft valley national project service capacity and 10 million level revenue project case experience, CEO and team 16 years of industry experience and hundreds of project cases, as well as Huawei, bat, Intel, Stanford experts and global 8000 + project resource pool and 10 + self support groups of soft Valley and backup 2000 + independent soft Valley Technology suppliers provide project suggestions to escort the project!
6. Why do corporate CTOs charge?
Some of the founders we met wanted to participate in the project free of charge through technical CTO, or they wanted all partners to participate in the project free of charge and without pay. In fact, this mode is not in line with commercial principles. In today's rising cost of living, this mode is extremely unfavorable to the development of the project, and even destroys a good project.
We suggest that if you really can't afford to start a business, you'd better not start a business. When the time is right, start a business after you have the start-up capital. This is also a reflection of being responsible to yourself and others.
Corporate CTO also needs to select projects. Not all projects are suitable for corporate CTO service mode. The determination of founders and the price they are willing to pay is an important reference index.
After all, CTO also hopes that the project will succeed and obtain medium and long-term benefits. Its mission is to support the project from 0 to 1, and then develop independently after it is launched.
Some people have also proposed that since it is a business, why can't all of us take out money and then pay them in the wage mode, which is more fair and more bundled together to start a business. This idea is entirely correct in terms of the creation and operation of a company. So it means that we are all original investors. This situation is obviously not in line with the market positioning of corporate CTO, which is a commercial service first. Its existence is to quickly solve the problems of project startup difficulty and high trial and error cost. The investment is handled by the softvalley x · u fund.
First of all, the first initiator has to pay the cost and cost of starting a business, and verify that the business model is feasible, has good market expectations, and has a huge business return, so as to attract followers to join in. Entrepreneurship does not mean binding others to start a business together. Maybe your project is very good, but in the early stage, entrepreneurs have to cross it by themselves. There is no one to replace them. The only thing soft Valley can do is to help entrepreneurs reduce risks and costs and avoid detours.
7. How to order corporate CTO services?
Submit the work order online.