1. Overview
In order to meet the needs of national new infrastructure development, soft Valley provides an overall smart city solution relying on strong software technology capabilities, rich technology suppliers, Stanford NABC business value innovative thinking, and soft Valley ai artificial intelligence.
Of course, it also includes smart agriculture, smart transportation, smart water conservancy, etc.
2. Advantage
The advantages of soft Valley smart city are as follows:
Powerful off the shelf software capability enables the rapid construction and deployment of applet, app, web application, Internet of things and AI background;
It can be large as needed, or it can be separated flexibly from an early age. Soft Valley can provide flexible solutions ranging from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions or even hundreds of millions;
The ready-made low code development platform can quickly realize personalized needs, no matter how small;
Perfect order management system and original online R & D system, data and R & D process are controlled in the whole process, without confusion, and can be accessed between different technical engineers forever. Reduce communication costs and provide consistent services;
With the support of soft Valley AI algorithm mall, it provides a strong link to global AI algorithm resources, so that the needs can be quickly solved by global engineers;
Relying on the international trade experience and resources of Stanford and soft Valley, it can also package and output successful smart city solutions as a whole, so as to turn money into money;
The nature of soft Valley start-up company makes it easy to establish localized companies with local governments, enterprises and institutions, keep local taxes, solve local employment, and quickly realize the transaction and transfer of innovative technologies based on soft Valley platforms, such as soft Valley industry, soft Valley military industry, soft Valley ocean and so on;
Soft Valley's strong technology linking ability and innovation ability can ensure that the technology is not backward, and can quickly import more new applications into new urban construction and serve the people's livelihood more quickly;
The strong technical capabilities of e-commerce and live broadcasting software can also enable smart cities to make money and profit from spending money and management;
Other advantages are believed to be more reflected with the further strengthening of the global resource aggregation capacity of the soft valley;
3. Implementation plan
Only some smart city system references are listed below:
3.1 system part
1) Smart IOT platform, big data platform, video system, etc;
2) Data management system;
3) The integrated hub platform includes: GIS platform, high-precision data luansheng platform, digital pipe gallery, integrated command, integrated control system, etc;
4) Artificial intelligence platform;
5) Smart portal software;
6) Intelligent planning: including urban three-dimensional planning platform, intelligent decision-making platform and large screen display platform;
7) Intelligent emergency management: including emergency business application system, emergency command and dispatching system, emergency visual display system, emergency monitoring and sensing system, etc;
8) Intelligent flood control system: including flood control business application, big data display, perceived Internet of things and automatic decision analysis;
9) Smart site system: including smart site software, safety management system, visual large screen monitoring and display system, etc;
10) Smart cluster platform: including smart park management system, smart irrigation system, smart building, smart building management, shared office management, smart energy, smart lighting system, etc;
11) Intelligent live broadcasting system: including AI virtual live broadcasting, AI live broadcasting shared space and other systems;
12) Smart scientific innovation space: including smart access control, 3D visual management, equipment asset management, etc;
13) Smart building platform: including building investment promotion, building operation, building economy comprehensive service portal, intelligent interactive terminal, etc;
14) Smart Government: including smart government approval system and docking, smart government hall system, etc;
15) Smart community system: including software service, equipment management and other systems;
16) Smart campus system: including smart application software, smart classroom software system, etc;
17) Automatic driving platform: automatic driving perception, monitoring, management and deployment system, etc;
18) UAV flight control platform: UAV control system in key airspace, artificial intelligence perception system, etc;
19) Smart agriculture platform: smart agriculture business systems, data Unicom system, live broadcast, e-commerce platform system, large screen data monitoring system, regional professional market management system, etc;
20) Other auxiliary systems, etc;
Due to the different business needs of different regions and units, it supports field analysis and customization on demand.
3.2 operation and maintenance
Provide joint venture or entrusted operation with local partners;
Generally, the operation and maintenance is based on 3 years;
4. Price scheme
As the system is complex and the situation of each owner is different, please consult the work order or customer service manager to obtain the quotation;
5. Other
Please consult the work order for solution.