1. Why choose the extended warranty plan?

Choose the extended warrant plan is that mean you choose a closer IT department to service you at the lowest price, the IT department will update and enhance your produce function and marketing user experience.

Beside, any of the software product need an IT developer to maintain, the software will goes better.

2. What advantage does the ISV extended warranty plan?

  To be the entertainment IT department is the ISV management, the advantage as follow:

(1) Provide the alternative service way: online, off line, location, foreign.

(2) Provide the long term and sustainable IT development support(Now, we also service our customers before ten years ago);

(3) You will get a better product to service your market and win in the competition at lowest price without effort.

(4) You will get 20 percent off discount for service.

3. What service for ISV extended plan?

 the ISV extended service just support to the customization product, if you need service for other product that not development on ISV platform, you need to submit you requirement by” work order” 

4. How to start?

Login to ISV platform and click “Work Order

5. Why does the basic service price is 980 USD?

(1) we will continuously bring monitor for your website operate, provide the best management and maintenance of the server, and ensure the security of the website data .

(2) We provide background and relevant documentation instructions;

(3) This is the basic service price, that mean you need to payment for your IT department every year.

6. Why does there have to be just one month maintain for free?

Most outsourcing companies just hope complete the project as soon as possible and after that they don’t want customer to find their trouble. Because it will add their extra cost.

But once your product operate in the market, some bugs will find by your customers, we will provide one month service for free.  that will make you and our team can work together closely to solve all problem in time ,because the team will familar more in short time . that will help your project much . 

7. It is necessary to choose the extended warranty plan?

  It will depends on your market requirement, but in the long-term interest it must to be maintain.

8. How long each time of the extended warranty plan?

(1) Customers choose to upgrade the product is not scheduled, it is disrupt our schedule to some extent.

(2) Members enjoy first feedback services, non members will be postponed;

(3) Each service needs to estimate time.