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Xu Online Chat for E-commerce Web/iOS/Android
Product Id:#380 This product is provided by ISV Self No. 1

1.Choose installment plan,you can own the product permanently,you have the property right(Non-intellectual property).

2.Choose installment plan,you can enjoy 1 year free hosting.

3.Choose renting plan,you only have the right to use,don't have the property right(Non-intellectual property).

4.Choose renting plan,you need to purchase your own hosting.

5.All the prices do not include the hosting price.

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Get your own store up and running in no time.
No credit card required.
You can always change your store name later
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Xu Online Chat

Xu Online Chat is comming soon.

     The product support:

                       √   automatic reply

                 √   no limit of online customer services

                       √   sending newsletters

                 √   also it support workorders

                 √   after-sale service




     Xu Online Chat is a Business Online Customer Service Whats App, help you to collect more

clients,the price is  $499 and it only support 5 online services,but now it is only $99/year,and there is no

limit of online customer services.

     If you have purchased Xu Online Chat,we will install the service for you freely at your website,once the

client open your website,they can chat with you right now.

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