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1.Post Projects
3.Escrow full funds
6.Thaw funds
Please post your requirement here
Please carefully read the following agreement, as agreed to submit your project!
1.We only serve internet project, if your project can not be completed through Internet, please do not submit;
2.Before submiting your project, please consider all your requirements clearly, you can send us with document, text, sketches, video and other software or links for reference, we call requirements. Your requirements have more clarity, the greater the value to you,so that our audit team will know exactly what you want, you can get more accurate quote,the development for your project will be more smoothly;
3.You can upload 1 attachment,and the size can not exceed 100M;
4.To confirm your project requirements, our system will communicate with you in workorder, please check your workorder to learn more about project progress;
5.Normally, you will get quotation within 24 hours, in case of legal holidays, quotation time may be delayed;
6.We recommend that you use the advanced mode to submit your project, the requirements more clear and accurate , quote for your project will be more accurate,you will take more advantage in development your projects;
7.After quotation come out, you can choose to "Accept the quotation", after your payment system will automatically arrange project development work. You can also choose modify requirements by "View Details" and "I still want to adjust it",system re-evaluate and give you new quote, after your payment system will automatically arrange for project development work. During P1, P2 stage system accept your new requirements or modify requirements, and system will offer you quotation for requirements change. Once in P3 (programming phase), in principle system not accept add or change requirements. Because during software development phase,requirements change will result in more time,energy and money waste. even in your one word, software have to design and develop again in total. So before submit your project, be sure to make your requirements more clearly;
8.During development of project,our platform, customers, technology developers tripartite all have the right to unilaterally suspend trading. Restart project only need to re-take the process for a new phase of the project;
9.For customized project, P1, P2, P3, P4 are independent orders and each phase can develop independent, after the project phase complete you can choose to enter next phase or suspend the project;
10.Once project finished, system will offer self-test and ITEST layers audit, we will give you an online demonstration and qualified program source code,documentation to you. Please confirm your project and check one by one with your original requirements. Please feedback to modify timely if they not meet your requirements, if they meet the requirements, please confirm and finish the project, we'll upload final program source code documentation and other information;
11.After finish the project if you want add new requirements , please submit requirements changes to modify;
12.Service description:
12.1 Services: After finish the project we provide three-month period free maintenance , during it we will repair program itself BUG for free . Three months latter, add or changes requirements , please enter the re-evaluation process. You can also choose iCar Plan and enjoy more discount.
12.2 Services Term: After the project is completed, the relevant program documentation and source code will upload to system , please login to confirm it. The system apply timeout mechanism(confirm time is 7 days), if the customer have not confirmed after timeout, the system automatically considered customer has confirmed and will finish the project. After finish the project we provide three-month period maintenance-free, and will repair program itself BUG for free.
13.1 Because we offer virtual products and services,so we do not accept refund request.
13.2 This website provides all project information and store for your source code and other information, please keep your account and password,do not leakage.
13.3 This website apply platform + self-support team,third-party technology development team mode, please check the signs select carefully.
13.4 Risk clause: software development has technical risk and instability, for version 1.0 software need to constantly iterative and upgrade into a more advanced version, ISV does not undertake the delay and any other loss by software development risk . If the bilateral cooperation is not smooth, both sides can terminate the cooperation at any time, ISV will not be responsible for any loss. If you do not agree with taking the risk, please do not submit your project.
14.The ISV has the right to interpret the final interpretation.
  • Project Title:
  • Development Platform:
  • Please select the development platforms,if there is no the version you want,please select "Other",different versions will generate different orders.
  • Software Design 
    Web Version
    Android Version
    IOS Version
    PC Version
  • Project Details:
  • Can add 1 attachment, size does not exceed 100 M,only support .zip and .rar files
  • I Have A Budget >>
  • 1.Why do you need to enter a budget
    2.Price range reference
  • Advanced Mode >>
  • Only post to ISV self teams(If you didn't select this checkbox that means your project can be quoted by all the technical vendors,to see more stores,please click here)
  • I have read and agree with above agreement
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